bidorbuy Celebrities for Charities Initiative

In June this year celebrities will be auctioning off their time to the highest bidders on All the proceeds of the auctions go to the participating charities.

(1 April 2009) Celebrities and charities go hand in hand. Celebrities have favourite charities. Charities have celebrities they can turn to for help in fundraising., South Africa’s largest online auction site and marketplace, can give this association a new dimension by increasing the reach and the amount of the funds raised.

This is exactly what bidorbuy plans to do in June this year. “We have invited a number of South African charities to participate by enlisting the help of the celebrities associated with them. All they need to do is ask “their” celebrities to donate an hour or two of their time to the highest bidder in the bidorbuy Celebrities for Charities online auction”, says bidorbuy director Andy Higgins. “The bidders will bid online for the privilege of meeting their favourite celebrity – for a lunch, dinner, tea, or a game of golf. All proceeds of the auctions will go to the charity that the celebrity is endorsing”. 

bidorbuy already possesses valuable experience in partnering with non-profit and charity organisations. In 2008, bidorbuy hosted a fund-raising auction on which the non-profit organisation Legal Resources Centre raised tens of thousands of Rands by selling artwork by major South African artists and signed copies of books by South African authors. And several years ago, significant amounts were raised for various charities with the help of celebrities who consented to auction off a couple of hours of their time; notably, the Anxiety and Depression Group received R15,000, which shows how much the winning bidder was ready to pay for spending some time in the company of Mark Shuttleworth.

All interested charities are welcome to nominate their celebrities by writing to

The bidorbuy Celebrities for Charities online auctions are planned to last for one week, from Tuesday 23 June to Tuesday 30 June 2009. Bidders are invited to budget for this awesome occasion and take part in the exciting series of star-studded auctions for a good cause.

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