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Understanding Wicca

Contrary to popular belief, people who practise Wicca are not old witches with warts and neither are they satanic worshippers, a widely common misconception made.  more

All about CPR

Read on to find out how to perform CPR, because you never know when you may need to use these life-saving skills.  more

Unusual Items Sold on bidorbuy Reveal Some Quirky Trends

(14 March 2017) Yesteryear favourites are being replaced by current sensations, but at least one peculiar item is displaying surprising longevity.  more

Silver and Metal Antiques

There are beautiful pieces of antique metalware on bidorbuy for every pocket, whether you are starting a collection, expanding it, or just looking for a piece or two to add character to your home.  more

Tips for Buying a Guitar

Purchasing a guitar is like an investment. It is also an extension of your personality. Our seven tips will help you buy the right guitar, perfect for you!  more

Sammy Marks Golden Tickey on Auction

(14 February 2017) At the time this press release was published, the bidding for this rare South African coin stood at R399,000.  more

How to Choose Curtains

Curtains have the power to make a room look complete. But with so many choices, how does one make the right decision? Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options!  more

Spinning Tops

Spinning tops come in different shapes, materials and colours. Their merry spinning has fascinated children and adults alike since the dawn of time.  more

How to Make Your Own Beer

Get your home brewing kit right here on bidorbuy.  more

Collecting Movie Memorabilia

You can get a variety of objects associated with your favourite films or film stars on bidorbuy.  more

Second-Hand Holds Its Own on bidorbuy

(16 January 2017) Previously owned items are still popular on South Africa┬┐s online marketplace, and not just in antiques and collectibles.  more

How to Identify Your Skin Type

Do you have normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin? Read on to find out!  more

Digital Camera Accessories for Travel and Holidays

When you visit new places, it is important that you document your experience with great photos. For that, you need certain pieces of equipment designed to help you take the right shot at the best quality possible.  more

All Time Classic Films

Read on if you are interested in watching some great movie classics, all available on bidorbuy.  more

The bidorbuy Black Friday Week Long Deals

(21 November 2016) The bidorbuy Black Friday sale takes place from Monday 21 November until Sunday 27 November and will be followed by week-long Cyber Monday sales event, with discounts running as high as 70 percent off..  more

Guide to Baking Pans

Get the terminology down to stock your cupboards with the right baking pans and improve your baking success.  more

Valuable Collectibles Score Big on bidorbuy

(9 November 2016) In the space of less than a month, a coin and a set of stamps both went for a price running into several hundreds of thousands of Rands.  more

Tapestry, Needlepoint and Embroidery

The dividing lines between tapestry, needlepoint and embroidery are still reasonably clear in the domestic crafts field, but are becoming increasingly blurred in the artistic community.  more

Rare South African Stamps Fetch Half a Million

(2 November 2016) A buyer from the USA recently purchased a set of rare collectible Union of South Africa stamps for R564,500 on bidorbuy.  more

How to Build a Veggie Garden

Read on to find out how to build a veggie garden in six easy steps! Our tips will also help you keep your garden lush and beautiful.  more

A Guide to Wedding Flowers

Before meeting with your wedding florist it is a good idea to put together a list of what you will need and want on your wedding day. We have put together a wedding flower checklist, a guide to the wedding bouquet styles and a seasonal guide to choosing the right wedding flowers.  more

iPhone 7 Selling on bidorbuy

(21 September 2016) Sellers on South African online marketplace are continuing the tradition of being the first to offer the newest iPhone to the local early adopters.  more

The Esoteric Properties of Crystals

People have admired the symmetrical beauty of crystals for centuries and often attributed to the magical and mystical powers.  more

Best Exercises for Burning Fat Fast

Read on to find out what are the best exercises you can perform to shred fat fast! These exercises are suitable for both men and woman.  more

Fun and Games

Need some games to keep your kids entertained? Then this is an article you need to read! The games discussed are designed to keep your children busy during the holidays or any time of the day or week.  more

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