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10 Tips for Organising your Scrapbook Supplies

The idea of creating a scrap book goes back to the 15th century, when commonplace books were a popular means to save and display favourite recipes, letters and so on.  more

Peter Rabbits 110th Birthday!

Yes, its true; Peter Rabbit celebrates his 110th birthday this month! Created by Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit first appeared in print in 1902 in the book The Tale of Peter Rabbit, based on an illustrated letter that Potter had sent to a sick child.  more

Choosing the Best Home Coffee Machine

Home coffee machines are available in a plethora of brands, how do you pick the best one? Before hitting the stores, take a close look at your own requirements.  more

Themed Dinner Parties and Hosting Tips

A dinner party with close friends is the perfect way to unwind over the weekend. But if things are getting boring and repetitive after several such parties, we recommend hosting a themed dinner party.  more

How to Make Your Own Headboard

Headboards are back in fashion. But if your budget does not allow you to splurge on a stylish headboard right now, dont worry! Use your imagination and creativity to make your very own headboard.  more

Safety Tips for Private Car Sellers

If you are determined to sell you car privately, this is what you can do to protect yourself.  more

Apple iPad 3

The original Apple iPad sold over three million units in just 80 days. By the time the second generation, the iPad 2, arrived in March 2011, almost 15 million iPads had been sold worldwide.  more

Bathing Baby

The prospect of bathing a baby for the first time is enough to make any new mother nervous. But bath time can be an enjoyable activity for both mom and baby. Heres a handy baby bathing guide.  more

Skiing. Getting Started

How many times have you enviously watched those skiers gliding down snow covered slopes, perfectly balanced and having the time of their lives?  more

Eyebrow Shaping

The shape of your eyebrows can dramatically change the way you look. Just ask Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and dozens of other celebs! With proper brow maintenance, you can not only accentuate your face but also keep brows healthy.  more

Starting a Book Club

If youre an avid book reader, why not share your passion with others by starting a book club? These tips should help you get going:  more

How to Live a More Self Sufficient Life

Self-sufficiency has been seen as a metaphor for a lower standard of living, going without the modern conveniences.  more

Must Read Books

A good book expands the mind, fires the imagination and transports one to another world. Heres our pick of must read novels:  more

Building a Gaming Computer

If you love playing computer games, chances are youve been thinking of a new computer so that the new game youve been eyeing doesnt run like a snail when you start to play it. Ever thought about building your own gaming computer?  more

4x4: What You Need

Four wheel drive vehicles, or 4x4s as they are often referred to, offer you the opportunity to access places that are inaccessible to drivers of conventional vehicles with their great traction, ground clearance and power.  more

How to Protect Your Website Against Hackers

If you have your own website, and many of us do these days, youve probably wondered at times if it is safe from hackers. It can be disconcerting, embarrassing and sometimes frightening to discover that youve been the subject of a hack-attack.  more


A sheet of paper, cleverly folded, metamorphoses into a bird, animal, flower or just about anything you desire, the wonder of origami!  more

Inspirational Books

Inspirational books can draw us from lifes mundane routines and allow us to reflect on lifes mysteries, horrors and beauty.  more

Harry Potter

Its been 15 years since the Harry Potter series arrived on the worlds literary stage.Since then, the stories of the boy wizard has become a money-spinning industry that book lovers are loath to forget.  more

Iconic Vintage Styles

Travel back in time for a fun look at some iconic styles in fashion!  more

Fake Tanning

Who doesnt love that wonderful sun-bronzed glow that comes from spending a day at the beach! However, due to more awareness about the dangers of sun exposure, people are choosing spray tanning instead, a great new way to get a fake tan. Read on for more.  more

Jennifer Lopez. Jenny From The Block

Golden Latina looks, a dulcet voice and twinkle toes, all this and a head for business, too! Thats Jennifer Lopez, a one-woman industry who exemplifies the American dream.  more

Collecting Action Figures

According to passionate collectors, displaying your treasure is one of the best things about being an action figure collecto, and also one of the most difficult.  more

Prenatal Advice

Your body changes in amazing ways to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy and so you need to make a special effort to stay healthy during pregnancy.  more

Powerful Women in Sport

Women compete on an equal footing with men nowadays when it comes to sheer talent, achievements, prize money and endorsements. Heres a quick roundup of the top five female athletes in the world in the past five years, in no particular order.  more

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