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How to Deal with the Heat

It would be a shame to let an occasional heat wave spoil your enjoyment of the sunny days. All you need to do is adjust your behaviour by following these simple tips.  more

LeapFrog LeapPad. A Tablet for Kids

LeapFrog Enterprises based in California has designed a LeapPad learning tablet especially for kids. LeapPad is an excellent educational device for kids between the ages of four and eight and its a fun, interactive approach to learning. Read on for a review of the LeapFrog LeapPad.  more

The Twilight Frenzy. Has the World Gone Vampire Mad?

More than 120 million books sold and still counting. Translated into 38 languages. On The New York Times list of bestsellers for 235 weeks (Childrens Series Books). A hugely successful movie franchise. What makes the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyers vampire romances, such a hot seller?  more

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 to a pastor in Groot-Zundert, Holland. Growing up in an atmosphere marked by religion and culture, van Gogh was a sensitive, diffident youth. After trying out varied jobs as a bookstore clerk, art salesman and preacher, Vincent finally found his calling as an arti...  more

Classic Children's Novels

Kids novels are the perfect way to help young ones acquire good reading skills and fire creative thinking. Try this selection for many hours of fun learning and happy times with your kids.  more

Different Ways to Tie a Summer Scarf

Making little changes to your outfit give the illusion of a complete wardrobe makeover. Our favourite trick to attain this objective is to use spring or summer scarves and tie them in different styles.  more

The Perfect Hairstyle to Flatter your Face Shape

As stylists and makeover experts around the world would tell you, your best bet when aiming for a makeover is to change your hairstyle. And what better time to do just that than in the run-up to a brand new year!  more

A Camping Holiday in South Africa

Do you love the outdoors? Why not try camping this holiday season? There is no better way to connect with nature.  more

The Kindles on Fire

Amazon certainly scored when they released the Kindle e-book reader back in 2007. Kindle opened the world for users to browse, download, read e-books as well as magazines, blogs and newspapers.  more

The Best of the Best in 3D TV Glasses

You may have the latest 3D TV set but uncomfortable 3D glasses can ruin the whole experience.  more

Choosing a Pet Bird Thats Right for You

Modern homes often dont have space for traditional pets, such as dogs or cats. For many, a pet bird offers companionship and beauty, requiring minimum space.  more

New Years Detox Diet After the Party Hardy Month of December

When the holiday season partying comes to an end, are you left with the dullness that follows overindulgence? Then this would be a good time to incorporate a detox into your diet.  more

New York. The Best December Vacation Destination

This December, pack your bags and head to the Big Apple for the vacation of a lifetime.  more

Gift Vouchers

buy gift vouchers, buy gift cards, buy health and beauty gift vouchers, buy book vouchers, buy health vouchers, buy beauty vouchers, buy itunes vouchers, buy sp vouchers, buy salon vouchers, buy travel and accommodation vouchers  more

Choosing a Name for Your Baby

Selecting the right name for your baby can be fun, exciting and also overwhelming! With over thousands of names to choose from, how do you select the perfect name for your baby? Here are some things to consider.  more

A Guide to Gifting Ideas for the Family This Christmas

This Christmas, take the guesswork out of gift giving by using our comprehensive list of the hottest gifts for every member of your family.  more

Christmas Party Themed Ideas

Its that time of year again. Time for gorgeous blooms, carol singing, camping, carnivals, decorating, celebrating and Santa!  more

FB Tab Become a bidorbuy Affiliate

Become a bidorbuy affiliate  more

South African Stand Up Comedians at Their Best.

Its no surprise that a country as multi-cultural as South Africa has produced a variety of comedians with a range of styles as diverse as the country itself.  more

Deal of the Week Trade Feed

Trade feed for Deal of the Week tab on bidorbuy page on Facebook  more

How to Buy a Jet Ski

If you have ever been on a Jet Ski, you would know just how exciting and thrilling it can be. Perhaps you have hired one on holiday and you are now considering buying one for yourself?  more

Spider Identification

Australia is a popular tourist destination, and home to a large population of spiders, many of them venomous.  more

Battling Waste

The mandatory South African urban recycling programme is part of the efforts to decrease the pressure on the landfills and to integrate waste recycling into the economy  more

Collectable Whisky

Many whiskies come in attractive bottles, and indeed collecting antique whisky bottles is a popular pastime.  more

Feel Good Music to Get You into the Christmas Spirit

The Christmas festive season is just around the corner and what better way to ease into the Christmas spirit than to settle down with some feel good music?  more

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