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A Guide to Clothing Alterations

Read on to find out which alterations are safe to undertake by yourself and which should be taken to a tailor.  more

How to Beat Jet Lag

If you feel very tired after flying from Johannesburg and Cape Town and back, you are not suffering from jet lag. Read on to find out what jet lag is and how to deal with it.  more

Gaming PC Headset Buying Guide

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to shopping around for PC gaming headsets. Take these factors into consideration.  more

How to Buy a Used DSLR Camera

Digital cameras have revolutionised the way we take pictures today. Used cameras are a good option for smaller budgets. Look out for these signs of a viable model  more

Bridal Jewellery for Your Special Day

Finding the right wedding jewellery can be a difficult task. Experts advise that your dress can determine the type of jewellery.  more

10 Best Gifts for Dad

We help you find the perfect gift for your dad.  more

Tablet Buying Guide

Selecting a tablet needs careful consideration.This article goes through the important factors that need to be considered when selecting a tablet.  more

Bioethanol Fireplaces

Before you allow yourself to be captivated by the charm and style of bioethanol fireplaces, read this comprehensive list of pros and cons.  more

True Meaning of Easter

Easter is a Christian tradition and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion.  more

Exciting Hobbies to Try this Year

A hardworking lifestyle can put a lot of strain on you. Why not investigate a new hobby to relieve the stress.  more

The New Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is purported to have revolutionary smartphone features that cannot be matched by rivals.  more

The Best Gifts for Mom

Let us spoil our moms this year. Choose from a variety of gifts available on bidorbuy.  more

How to Buy Rare Coins

Your aim is to buy rare coins that are genuine, well preserved and worth the price tag.  more

A Guide to Die Casting

Die casting is the process of forcing molten, non-ferrous metal into a mould. The most celebrated products are die cast toys and die cast models.  more

Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL Review

The new Nintendo 3DS, released in 2015, is the best Nintendo handheld console yet.  more

How to Talk so Kids Will Listen

As cute and loveable as children may be, they can be just as naughty and difficult. You need to learn early on how to talk so kids will listen.  more

The Top 5 Power Banks

These days the thought of being stranded and powerless (or simply without a power bank portable charger) is nothing short of a nightmare.  more

Traditional Crafts in South Africa

The production and sale of arts and crafts provide a viable source of income for artisans, especially in rural areas of the country.  more

What is a Solid State Hybrid Drive?

What is a solid state hybrid drive?, you ask; well take a deep breath and keep reading. Thankfully, you have found the definitive guide to hybrid drives.  more

The Moto 360 Smartwatch Review

Released in 2014, the Moto 360 smartwatch has been the subject of many a critical review, the fact remains however, smartwatch technology is still rather young.  more

The New Samsung Galaxy A Series

Ready for another benchmark offering from Samsung? This time it is not just one phone, but a series of 3 phones that perfectly capture the now.  more

Tablets that Compete against the iPad

If you are looking for an iPad alternative, you will easily find something that fits right into both your price bracket and meet your needs.  more

Top 5 Waterproof Headphones

For the sake of sweat, rain or swimming, you may find that these waterproof mp3 players and waterproof headphone sets are likely to meet your adventurous needs.  more

Types of Massage

Find out which of the nine most popular types of massage is for you.  more

HTC One M8 Review

The HTC One M8 hit the shelves only a month before the Samsung Galaxy S5. Available since March 2014; we have a fair idea whether or not the HTC flagship product was a successful offering.  more

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