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Heat Rash

Nothing puts a dampener on summer fun and frolic like a heat rash, a.k.a. prickly heat. While adults can develop heat rashes, the condition is most common among babies. Read on to know more about how to treat heat rashes and prevent them from recurring.  more

Romantic Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner and its time to delight that special someone with unique, thoughtful and romantic gifts. Read on for some great gift ideas that are bound to surprise your Valentine.  more

Travel to Miami

Glorious sunshine, pristine white beaches, and a whole lot of fun, thats Miami for you. Theres no better place to let your hair down and open yourself to adventure and abandon.  more

Build Your Own Swimming Pool

Theres no denying that swimming is great exercise and a wonderful activity, but sometimes the hassles of getting to a beach or swimming pool can take the edge off the enjoyment.  more

Physical Activities for Children

If you are like most parents, you know that it is difficult to get your kid off the couch and away from cellphones, video games, and laptops.  more

South African Beaches

A short overview of some of the popular beaches in South Africa.  more

How to Entertain Your Kids

Keeping your kids entertained is no mean feat. Here are some fun ideas which will surely be a hit with your kids.  more

Feeding Your Feelings

Have you noticed how people reach for that bag of chips when anxious, a tub of ice cream when depressed, or a huge pizza when happy?  more

Use Your Discovery Miles on bidorbuy

Shop with Discovery Miles on bidorbuy  more

Desirable Gadgets

It seems that our lives are being run more and more by gadgets, mobile phones, digital cameras, watches and the rest.  more

Computer Power Management

Always on, hibernate, sleep or shut down: What to do with your PC or laptop when you are not using it  more

Functional Uses for Old Things

Theres something so incredibly creative and satisfying about taking an existing item and repurposing it.  more

South African Wine Routes

A selection of wine routes and estates that are within easy reach of Cape Town.  more

The 15 Minute Workout

There are diverse exercises designed to keep you fit, trim and healthy. But did you know that a 15 minute session with an exercise ball can give your full body an effective workout?  more

Bookshelves for Every Budget

Despite the rise in tablet computers, many of us still prefer to read actual books. You know, those antiquated things with pages and covers.  more

How to Buy a Tuxedo

Sure, you can rent your tuxedo, but if you think youll have the occasion to wear a tuxedo more than once in your life, then your best bet is to buy your own.  more

Christmas Table Decoration

Christmas is almost here and you may be thinking of ways to decorate your dinner table for Christmas.  more

How to Prepare for an Emergency

While natural disasters such as Superstorm Sandy dont come along regularly, you can face a real emergency in everyday situations.  more

Bonding with Your Partner

Marriage counsellors will tell you that it is very important to spend some alone time with your partner, free from kids, tech gadgets and other distractions.  more

Handwriting Analysis

Graphology, the technical name for handwriting analysis is used primarily by forensic scientists. With some basic tips, you too can understand what your handwriting reveals about your personality.  more

Dealing with Tantrums

Children are often prone to tantrums, especially between the ages of one and three and parents need to learn how to manage tantrums effectively.  more

Civilizations That Disappeared Mysteriously

History is replete with instances of great empires and prosperous cities that inexplicably vanished, of civilizations that died out. Heres a baffling look at some civilizations that vanished.  more

How to Pick a Summer Scent

Sultry and sunny summer days call for grilling, picnics, long drives, and frolicking at the beach. No matter what your favourite summer pastime, your best accessory is going to be your perfume. Heres what you need to know about summer perfumes.  more

Types of Microphones

Sound recording has come a long way since Thomas Edison first recited Mary had a little lamb back in 1877.  more

How to Make a Terrarium

A terrarium is a fun and inexpensive way to add a touch of green to a room. They make for great accent pieces and are super-easy to assemble. Read on to learn how to make terrariums.  more

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