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Mobile Phones 2013

I can recall the first time a phone call was made from a handheld mobile phone. It was back in 1973, and that Motorola phone was roughly the size of a brick.  more

Junior Web Graphics Designer is Africa's largest online marketplace, bringing buyers and sellers together to trade almost anything through fixed price sales and online auctions.Quick Facts* Over 1.3 million unique visitors visit bidorbuy each month* is ranked the 6th most popular site i...  more

South African Museums

There are more than three hundred museums all over South Africa, and each and every one of them is well worth a visit.  more

Wedding Ring Profiles

One of the first things you will need to decide in the exciting run up to your wedding is the kind of rings you want for yourself and your significant other.  more

Meet the Artists in the Art Directly from the Artist Category

Meet some of the artists in the Art Directly from the Artist Category. Find out a little bit more about who they are and what they do. Hear what they have to say about what inspires and drives them and how they create their wonderful art.  more

How to Tell if a Diamond is Real

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but how do you tell if a diamond is real?  more

NFC Technology

How would you like to replace your wallet, your bus pass, your credit cards, even your local supermarket loyalty card with just your smartphone?  more

Precious Metals

Why are precious metals precious? What makes them so rare and valuable? Read on to know more about the five most precious metals on earth.  more

Super Hero Movies

Welcome to the Marvel universe and its amazing superheroes! Check out our top ten super hero movies.  more

The Therapeutic Lamp

Do you detest the sight of a spider or cockroach? A new technology, the therapeutic lamp, could help you overcome your fears.  more

Microsoft Windows 8

There seem to be two different schools of opinion about Microsoft Windows. Some computer users swear by it, while others simply swear at it.  more

Saving For Your Childs College Education

Like all parents, you are committed to providing the best for your child.  more

The Benefits of Green Plants in Your Home

Introducing indoor plants into your home is a wonderful way to add beautiful green accents to your decor. But did you know there are numerous health benefits of indoor plants too?  more

Weight Lifting for Women

This form of exercise becomes every female, from a tom-boy to daddy’s princess, from a robust young woman to little old lady.  more

The Lowdown on WiFi

Struggling with WiFi 'dead zones' or can you not connect enough devices to your home network? If so, you're in the right place. Read on for an explanation of the different wireless network solutions you can install without breaking a sweat, or your bank account.  more

D.I.Y Home Security

An explanation of what you will need and where to install your own indoor or outdoor security system.  more

How to Collect Swords

Collecting swords is not a cheap hobby, but it is worth saving up for higher-grade weapons.  more

How to Spot Fake Designer Watches

Authentic designer watches are like fine jewellery: they feel luxurious and look elegant.  more

The Seven Summits Challenge

The seven summits challenge is a mountaineering challenge whereby climbers seek to summit the highest peaks on every continent.  more

A Quick Guide to Porcelain

Ever wondered what makes porcelain valuable, or wondered about the differences between different types of porcelain? If so, then look no further. This article aims to provide a brief overview of the world of porcelain & porcelain collecting.  more

Faberge Egg

Faberge eggs! Bywords for creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, these jewelled objets d art are a nostalgic reminder of Imperial Russias last royal family, the Romanovs, their extravagant lifestyle and also their tragic end.  more

Makeup Brushes

A good makeup brush can be the difference between getting a perfect smoky eye or a total beauty mess.  more

Michelin Stars - Quality In Dining

In 1900 the Michelin Tyre Company published a guide book which listed restaurants and accommodation for the entirety of France, apart from Paris. It proved to be very popular and in 1920 the Michelin...  more

2013 Fashion Trends for Women

Straight from the runways of Paris, Milan, New York, and London, heres our top pick for hot fashion trends of 2013. Have a look and decide which of these trends you're going to make your own this year.  more

Baby Dental Care

Did you know that babies are born with a full set of 20 baby teeth already hidden in their gums?  more

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