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The Natura Coin Series

South Africa, with its vast gold reserves is a leading producer of collectible gold coins, also known as numismatic coins.  more

Colour-Blocked Nails

It is fun, quirky and ultra-glam! Not only does it grab some serious attention, it lets you make a bold statement wherever you go. Were talking about colour-blocking, the trend thats everywhere and on everything!  more


Keeping up with the ever evolving and quickly fading pop music genres is quite a skill. Typically, many current genres originate in music subcultures that exist in somebodys garage until the mainstream music industry and media unearths them or, as it increasingly happens in these days, they garner...  more

Laminate Flooring

Are your floors looking a little tired? Or perhaps youve just built a new home and are wondering what type of floor finish to install?  more

How to Install a Car Radio

Has your car radio stopped working? Or perhaps youre thinking of upgrading to a higher specification unit? Whatever the reason, dont be put off by the daunting prospect of installing the new car radio yourself.  more

The Nine West Brand

Say Nine West to a woman with even a passing sense of fashion, and her eyes shine a little brighter! So, whats special about this global footwear-and-accessories fashion brand?  more

What Is Aerogel?

Strong as steel, light as air. It sounds like something from Marvel Comics, but this amazing material is no fiction.  more

Buying a Sofa

Home theatre systems, flat screen and 3D televisions, fireplaces, all designed to encourage us to stay home for our entertainment. But whats the use of all these state-of-the-art modern systems if you cant settle down in comfort.  more

Musical Instruments

We learn to play musical instruments for varied reasons. For some its a hobby and passion; for others, music is a career.  more

Self Help Books

Samuel Smiles (1812-1904), Scottish writer and reformer, could hardly have foreseen that his book, simply titled Self Help, would give birth to a multi-billion dollar literary genre!  more

J. K. Rowling

Sometimes, an idea is all it takes to transform your life. What better example of this than Joanne Rowling who went from a struggling single mum to literary superstar on the strength of a moment of inspiration?  more


Fossils are amongst the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena on earth.  more

Hay Fever

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, refers to allergies caused by common allergens like dust, weed, dander, grass and pollen.  more

DIY Face Masks

Believe it or not, your kitchen is a treasure trove of natural ingredients that, when made into a nourishing face mask, can work wonders for your skin irrespective of skin type.  more

15 Ways to Save on Petrol

...and none of them involve unreasonable advice of the buy-a-bicycle type  more

Creche vs. Nanny

It is one of those debates that have been raging on for decades, but there is still no clear outcome as to which is better.  more

DIY Face Masks

Believe it or not, your kitchen is a treasure trove of natural ingredients that, when made into a nourishing face mask, can work wonders for your skin irrespective of skin type.  more

Windswept Hair

Whatever you have planned for the summer, wavy windswept hair will surely be your best friend.  more

Camping Essentials

A key component for a successful camping trip is planning and making sure that you have everything you need packed before you leave.  more

The bidorbuy Survey 2012

More than 11,000 people took part in the survey.  more

Vertical Gardening

Do you long for masses of plants, but have only a small balcony or patio to work with? Fear not, garden lover, the answer is at hand with vertical gardening.  more

Wood Patio Furniture

There is nothing better at the end of a tiring day than relaxing on your patio or veranda with a glass of something good, unless its taking that first cup of coffee outdoors in the morning sun.  more

Choosing the Right Wakeboard

Wakeboarding, mixture derived from water-skiing, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, has been a popular sport since the late 1980s in Australia and New Zealand, when it was also known as skurfing.  more

Wine Rack Guide

Whether you have just a couple of wine bottles, or a large collection, your wine will gain immensely from correct storage in a custom made wine rack.  more

Choosing the Right iPod

It does not seem possible that the iPod has been around for over ten years. The first model, with its 5 GB hard drive, a monochrome screen and a not so sophisticated mechanical scroll wheel was the wonder of the age.  more

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