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How to Beat Jet Lag

If you feel very tired after flying from Johannesburg and Cape Town and back, you are not suffering from jet lag. Read on to find out what jet lag is and how to deal with it.  more

Types of Massage

Find out which of the nine most popular types of massage is for you.  more

5 Stunning Lesser Known Travel Destinations in South Africa

The Cradle of Humankind is one of many beautiful travel destinations in South Africa, set amidst vast expanses of open land.  more

The Best of Europe

With rich cultural heritage, breath-taking natural beauty and centuries of awe-inspiring history, Europe is naturally a top draw for tourists every year.  more

Photo Destinations in South Africa

This holiday season, go on a quest for the most photogenic spots in South Africa.  more

Getaway Winter Destinations

Thinking of a quick winter getaway? Choose from any of these great winter destinations, all of them within a 3 to 4 hour drive from the Gauteng region.  more

Michelin Stars - Quality In Dining

In 1900 the Michelin Tyre Company published a guide book which listed restaurants and accommodation for the entirety of France, apart from Paris. It proved to be very popular and in 1920 the Michelin...  more

Travel to Miami

Glorious sunshine, pristine white beaches, and a whole lot of fun, thats Miami for you. Theres no better place to let your hair down and open yourself to adventure and abandon.  more

South African Beaches

A short overview of some of the popular beaches in South Africa.  more

South African Wine Routes

A selection of wine routes and estates that are within easy reach of Cape Town.  more

South Africa for Visitors

South Africa is a wonderfully diverse country. It has a lot to offer to visitors. You can experience its incredible wild life, breath-taking scenery or simply immerse yourself into the history and tradition of this multi-faceted nation.  more

Travel Beauty Must Haves

Planning a short weekend trip or flying to an exotic destination for a vacation?  more

African Getaways

The geographical spread, biodiversity and cultural wealth of Africa offer extraordinary travel temptations.  more

Disney Cruise Line

It is one of the most widely recognized cruise ships in the world, the perfect embodiment of glamour and a sophisticated blend of old-world charm with modern-day innovation. We are talking about the Disney Wonder cruise ship which provides thousands of families with unforgettable memories every ye...  more

The New7Wonders of the World

If we want to save anything, we first need to appreciate it. With this noble thought began the New7Wonders campaign in 2001, an online poll to select seven great monuments from a shortlist of existing heritage sites on the planet.  more

How to Plan the Perfect Holiday

OK, youve worked hard and its time for that well-deserved break. But how can you make sure that your holiday lives up to your expectations? The answer is planning!  more

New York. The Best December Vacation Destination

This December, pack your bags and head to the Big Apple for the vacation of a lifetime.  more

This Summer, Get your Dose of Adrenaline Fuelled Adventures

Sometimes life may seem a little too bland or uninspiring. If a thrill is what you are seeking, why not try one, or all of these adventures to get your adrenaline pumping?  more

Rock Climbing: All You Need to know

Blessed with soaring mountains and stunning views, South Africa offers some incredible opportunities for rock climbing.  more

Winter Getaways

This winter, indulge and pamper yourself at any of these amazing luxury resorts.  more

Travel to Disneyland and Experience the Magic

Welcome to the magic kingdom home to Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and hundreds of other Disney characters. Undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, Disneyland has attracted over 600 million people since 1955.  more

Travel to Thailand

Sawadee kha. Welcome to the land of smiles! Thailand was once known as Suvarnabhumi meaning Golden Land which is an appropriate name for this fertile country, rich in natural beauty and traditions.  more

Exotic Holiday Destinations

The island of Mauritius lies southeast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, blessed with endless white-sand beaches, hospitable people and a happily diverse culture.  more

The Top Ten Learning Holidays

Why not make your next holiday break an educational adventure? Take a look at these ideas for combining that new skill you've been wanting to learn with a great getaway.  more

What the 2010 Host Cities Have To Offer Part Two

A while ago we brought you a review of four 2010 World Cup host cities. Now we take a look at the best on offer from the remaining five of nine host cities for the up-coming World Cup event taking place in South Africa in June 2010.  more

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