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Silver and Metal Antiques

There are beautiful pieces of antique metalware on bidorbuy for every pocket, whether you are starting a collection, expanding it, or just looking for a piece or two to add character to your home.  more

Porcelain, China and Bone China

You may have come across items made of porcelain, china or bone china on bidorbuy. This article will help you to tell them apart.  more

Grandfather Clocks

Antique clocks carry a rich history. If properly preserved, they can be passed down the generations as a family heirloom. Get your grandfather clock.  more

Traditional Crafts in South Africa

The production and sale of arts and crafts provide a viable source of income for artisans, especially in rural areas of the country.  more

A Quick Guide to Porcelain

Ever wondered what makes porcelain valuable, or wondered about the differences between different types of porcelain? If so, then look no further. This article aims to provide a brief overview of the world of porcelain & porcelain collecting.  more

Faberge Egg

Faberge eggs! Bywords for creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, these jewelled objets d art are a nostalgic reminder of Imperial Russias last royal family, the Romanovs, their extravagant lifestyle and also their tragic end.  more


Pottery is among the oldest crafts known to mankind, one that through time has flowered into an art form. Besides potterys utilitarian purposes, many types of fine pottery are sought after as antiques and collectables.  more

Chippendale Furniture

His elegant creations have graced the homes of aristocrats and millionaires; ironically Thomas Chippendale, the brilliant 18th century English furniture designer never quite achieved equal social status with his clients.  more

Studio Glass

Did you know glass is a flexible material that lends itself to stunning, imaginative sculptures and decorative artworks? Studio glass, as this creative enterprise is known, is a recognized aspect of the international art scene.  more

Collectable Whisky

Many whiskies come in attractive bottles, and indeed collecting antique whisky bottles is a popular pastime.  more

Passionate About Nautical Antiques?

Antique collecting has become a very popular pastime. It is often seen as a hedge against a financial crisis. While many people specialise in works of art or furniture, one area that raises considerable passion is the collection of nautical antiques.  more

The Beauty of Ivory

Ivory! The name conjures up images of beautiful objets d art and connotations of fine craftsmanship, style, luxury, value and exclusivity.  more

A Guide to Buying Antique Furniture

First, do your research and understand the characteristics of furniture belonging to specific eras, depending on what you're interested in. Make sure that you deal only with reputed antique dealers.  more

African Tribal Masks

For centuries, the tribal masks of Africa played an important role in the culture of its indigenous communities. Imbued with mysticism, masks were integral to rituals, festivals, initiation ceremonies and secret societies.  more

All That Glitters Is Swarovski

Swarovski everywhere. The world cant get enough of these sparkly wonders!  more

Collectable Porcelain Figurines

The story of porcelain began in China around 100-200 BCE (hence the other name for porcelain, china). Porcelain figurines and the technology for making them reached Europe by the 17th century.  more

Buying and Selling Antiques and Collectibles Online

The antiques and collectibles category is one of the most popular on Unsurprisingly, most of the antique and collectible objects traded on the site are sold in the auction format.  more