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Best Exercises for Burning Fat Fast

Read on to find out what are the best exercises you can perform to shred fat fast! These exercises are suitable for both men and woman.  more

Bass Fishing

Acquire the skills for successful bass fishing. Our easy to follow guidelines will set you on the path to becoming the best bass fisherman. So get your gear on and go hook the big one.  more

Understanding Soccer

European football or soccer is played on a pitch that is usually 105 by 68 metres big. A match is played by two teams, each with 11 players. Read on to learn more about the rules of the game.  more

The Top 10 Soccer Players of 2014

Now that the excitement around the 2014 Football World Cup has died down, it is appropriate to consider the top 10 soccer players for the year.  more


900 kilometres of untraversed roads and trails, nine days of riding and racing around the stunning South African terrain, and experiencing the journey of a lifetime with fellow mountain bikers!  more

Weight Lifting for Women

This form of exercise becomes every female, from a tom-boy to daddy’s princess, from a robust young woman to little old lady.  more

The Seven Summits Challenge

The seven summits challenge is a mountaineering challenge whereby climbers seek to summit the highest peaks on every continent.  more

Camping Essentials

A key component for a successful camping trip is planning and making sure that you have everything you need packed before you leave.  more

Choosing the Right Wakeboard

Wakeboarding, mixture derived from water-skiing, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, has been a popular sport since the late 1980s in Australia and New Zealand, when it was also known as skurfing.  more

The Perfect Golf Swing

The search for the perfect golf swing is like the quest for the Holy Grail, with just as many myths.  more


If you love the grace and strength of martial arts such as karate, youll be as surprised as I was to learn that this ancient art of self-defence was devised by the humble farmers of Okinawa, the largest of the Ryukyu Islands in southern Japan.  more

2012 Olympic Games

The 2012 London Olympic Games promise to be one of the most memorable and exciting sporting events in recent times.  more

Top 10 Swimming Tips

Swimming is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. But some times it can be a bit of a struggle to keep yourself motivated, so lets have a look at ways that you can keep your exercise program on track.  more

The Game of Airsoft

The history of the game of Airsoft can be traced back to the Far East in the end of the 1970s, particularly China, Japan and Hong Kong.  more

Inline Skating

Inline skating, a cross between roller-skating and ice skating, came about as a result of a Russian athlete needing to train for the Olympic speed ice skating events without an ice track.  more

Skiing. Getting Started

How many times have you enviously watched those skiers gliding down snow covered slopes, perfectly balanced and having the time of their lives?  more

4x4: What You Need

Four wheel drive vehicles, or 4x4s as they are often referred to, offer you the opportunity to access places that are inaccessible to drivers of conventional vehicles with their great traction, ground clearance and power.  more

Powerful Women in Sport

Women compete on an equal footing with men nowadays when it comes to sheer talent, achievements, prize money and endorsements. Heres a quick roundup of the top five female athletes in the world in the past five years, in no particular order.  more

Tackle and Bait

Going fishing? This ready reckoner on fishing equipment will help you pick the right combination of fishing rods, reels, lines and baits.  more

Pole Dancing for Health and Fitness

When you hear the words pole dancing, you probably think of a smoke-filled nightclub with provocatively gyrating strippers. But theres more to pole dancing than exotic adult entertainment.  more

Your Buying Guide for Sports Memorabilia

A fascinating genre for collectors is sports memorabilia, normally defined as anything that can be connected with a sports event, game or personality. This wide-ranging definition can include sports photos, equipment, uniforms, logos or collectors cards.  more

The Olympics

Can it really be four years since we marvelled at the Beijing Olympics? The triumphs, failures and sheer spectacle of the worlds most prestigious sporting event?  more

A Camping Holiday in South Africa

Do you love the outdoors? Why not try camping this holiday season? There is no better way to connect with nature.  more

bidorbuy has Rugby Fever. Its Ayoba!

Yes, the rugby world cup is here again. Can it really be four years since the last Rugby World Cup and that fantastic 15-6 win by the Springboks over England on October 20th, 2007?  more

Buying a bike?

Biking enthusiasts will tell you how exhilarating it is to bike around, either as a hobby or mode of transportation, and theyre right!  more

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