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Improving Home Wi-Fi Signal

Do not be a victim of poor internet signals! Get a router upgrade and follow our top 6 tips on how to improve your home Wi-Fi.  more

Tablet Buying Guide

Selecting a tablet needs careful consideration.This article goes through the important factors that need to be considered when selecting a tablet.  more

What is a Solid State Hybrid Drive?

What is a solid state hybrid drive?, you ask; well take a deep breath and keep reading. Thankfully, you have found the definitive guide to hybrid drives.  more

Tablets that Compete against the iPad

If you are looking for an iPad alternative, you will easily find something that fits right into both your price bracket and meet your needs.  more

Windows 10: A Pre-review

The Windows Technical Preview is out and we take a look at what to expect of the upcoming version from Windows in 2015.  more

What is the Internet of Things

IoT is today where computing was in the early 1980s, but things are moving fast.  more

All about the Myo Motion Control Armband

The Myo gesture control device falls in the realm of wearable tech, allowing you to wirelessly control your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  more

How to Use Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Enjoy using the public wireless hotspots without exposing yourself to any of the potential dangers.  more

How to Use Cloud Computing for Your Business

For the past few years, the buzz around the business world has been 'cloud computing'. But what exactly is cloud computing and how can you best use it for your business?  more

The Top 5 Ultrabooks

The latest buzzword in mobile computing is ultrabook, a word coined by Intel to describe an ultra thin, high-end laptop computer that uses a low power Intel core processor and an SSHD to provide the utmost portability and battery life.  more

Apple iPad Air Review

Apple aficionados have been waiting with bated breath for the Apple iPad Air. If you have been considering this tablet for yourself or a loved one, read on for more...  more

The New Mac Pro

What looks like a cross between the Star Wars robot R2D2 and a futuristic vacuum cleaner?  more

Top 5 Internal Hard Drives

Is your computer slow? Would you like a faster one with one simple upgrade? If you have answered yes to these questions the answer could be an upgrade to your internal hard drive.  more

The Sony Xperia Z Tablet

There seems to be more and more tablets available, what with the Apple iPad, the Google Nexus and the Amazon Kindle Fire.  more

The Raspberry Pi

It is not delicious and does not go well with whipped cream. But the Raspberry Pi is still pretty amazing.  more

Nexus 7 Second Generation

When the Nexus 7 was introduced in July 2012 , it received critical acclaim. With a 7-inch display, 1GB of memory, WiFi, an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core chip and running version Android 4.2, known as the Jelly Bean operating system, the Nexus 7 was clearly intended as a self-contained entertainment sy...  more

Microsoft Windows 8

There seem to be two different schools of opinion about Microsoft Windows. Some computer users swear by it, while others simply swear at it.  more

The Lowdown on WiFi

Struggling with WiFi 'dead zones' or can you not connect enough devices to your home network? If so, you're in the right place. Read on for an explanation of the different wireless network solutions you can install without breaking a sweat, or your bank account.  more

The Apple iPad Model Comparisons

The first iPad generation was launched back in April 2010, with the iPad 2 coming just a year later. Another year on and the iPad 3 was released and now we have the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, both launched in November 2012.  more

Computer Power Management

Always on, hibernate, sleep or shut down: What to do with your PC or laptop when you are not using it  more

Solid State Hard Drives. Are they Worth It?

The first real computer I bought came with a 100 MB hard disk drive. At the time it was a large amount of storage capacity and lightning fast. How times have changed!  more

Review of the Intel Core i7

The latest offering from Intel in the Core i7 range, code named Ivy Bridge, is officially known as the Intel Core i7 3770K.  more

Apple iPad 3

The original Apple iPad sold over three million units in just 80 days. By the time the second generation, the iPad 2, arrived in March 2011, almost 15 million iPads had been sold worldwide.  more

Building a Gaming Computer

If you love playing computer games, chances are youve been thinking of a new computer so that the new game youve been eyeing doesnt run like a snail when you start to play it. Ever thought about building your own gaming computer?  more

How to Protect Your Website Against Hackers

If you have your own website, and many of us do these days, youve probably wondered at times if it is safe from hackers. It can be disconcerting, embarrassing and sometimes frightening to discover that youve been the subject of a hack-attack.  more

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