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Top 5 Waterproof Headphones

For the sake of sweat, rain or swimming, you may find that these waterproof mp3 players and waterproof headphone sets are likely to meet your adventurous needs.  more

The Top 5 Unisex Tech Gifts

For those of you who have a techie as a partner, it is often difficult to find a gift that will bring a smile of appreciation. Socks, ties or chocolates do not have the same appeal for these people!  more

The Parrot Drone

Drones have been in the news recently for their military usage, but here is one that you can fly yourself and get a birds eye view of your local neighbourhood at the same time.  more

Samsung KN55S9C

We have seen plasma screens, LCD screens and even LED LCD screens, but now here comes Samsung with a revolutionary new technology for an almost affordable price. It is called OLED, which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes.  more

D.I.Y Home Security

An explanation of what you will need and where to install your own indoor or outdoor security system.  more

Choosing the Right iPod

It does not seem possible that the iPod has been around for over ten years. The first model, with its 5 GB hard drive, a monochrome screen and a not so sophisticated mechanical scroll wheel was the wonder of the age.  more

The Best of the Best in 3D TV Glasses

You may have the latest 3D TV set but uncomfortable 3D glasses can ruin the whole experience.  more

Create Your Very Own Home Cinema

Not everyone can afford the time and money to go to the cinema on a regular basis, however there is an alternative that can perhaps offer you a similar experience in your own home.  more

Samsung Smart TV: Introducing the Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung, the global electronics giant, has recently launched a range of smart TVs packed with features that allows you to maximise your entertainment experience.  more

Sound Obsessed with the Philips Fidelio Primo

There are many exciting accessories for the iPod, but one thats likely to gain quite a few fans is the Philips Fidelio Primo DS9000 audio docking system.  more

A Review of the Samsung UA40C7000 LEDTelevision

With its Series 7 40 super-sleek TV (model UA40C7000), Samsung is all set to revolutionise the way we experience television. This 3D-enabled TV delivers stunning images and makes your screen come alive like never before.  more

A Few Ideas for a Smart Home

You arrive after an exhausting day at work and your home unlocks the door for you, turns on the lights and starts brewing your tea. That's not the stuff that science fiction is made of. A smart home...  more

Leading 3D Technology - the New Samsung C9000

Touted as the world's thinnest TV, the Samsung C9000 is just 0.3 in thick, so you'll have no trouble hanging it on your wall.  more

The Future of Video Calls - Skype on TV

In a few months you'll be able to make video calls with Skype enabled TVs!  more

The Wonders and Hazards of 3D TV

Getting a 3D TV in this early phase might be fraught with difficulties that go beyond spending too much on new technology just because you do not have the patience to wait for the prices to settle at a lower level.  more

Buying a Television Or a Digital SLR Camera - The Top 10 in April 2010

Don't leave home without this comprehensive list of the hottest selling items in the Television and Digital SLR Camera categories.  more

Buying Home Theatre Systems and Digital Cameras - The Top 10 in April 2010

Take a look at which Home Cinema Centres and Digital Cameras on the market are recommended.  more

Buying Camcorders and Satellite Navigation Systems - The Top 10

Have a look at the Top 10 GPS Navigation Systems and Camcorders currently on the market.  more

Useful to Buy - From Kitchen Appliances to Outdoor Gear and Electronics

A look at some nifty home appliances, electronics and handy outdoor gear to make life easier.  more

Gadget Girl - Best of the Month from Cellphones to Laptops And Computer Games

Here's a look at a few gadgets that are currently hugely popular among female consumers.  more

The 2010 Annual International Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is among the best known trade shows worldwide. It has been sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association since its inception in 1967.  more

Buy the New Samsung LED TV

Samsung has introduced the slimmest HDTVs to date with its new collection of eco-friendly LED TVs which measure just about 1.2 inches at their thickest point.  more

Should You Switch to Blu-ray?

The Blu-ray Disc is a cutting edge optical disc format developed to enable recording, playback and rewriting of high-definition (HD) video, and has five times the storage capacity of a standard DVD. Read on to find out more.  more

Tom Tom White Pearl - Get Directional!

A review of the new Tom Tom White Pearl, a special edition portable navigation device targeted at the female market. An elegant pattern, whilst still retaining the functionality and reliable navigation software.  more

Consumer Electronics: Do You Blu-ray?

Some say that the Blu-ray victory was a Pyrrhic one, with devastating cost to the victor. Others say that the new technology is doing well sales-wise.  more