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The Art of Making Coffee

Get acquainted with some more popular types of coffee and find out what kind of utensils you need for brewing them.  more

How to Choose Curtains

Curtains have the power to make a room look complete. But with so many choices, how does one make the right decision? Here are some tips to help you narrow down your options!  more

How to Make Your Own Beer

Get your home brewing kit right here on bidorbuy.  more

Guide to Baking Pans

Get the terminology down to stock your cupboards with the right baking pans and improve your baking success.  more

A Guide to Wedding Flowers

Before meeting with your wedding florist it is a good idea to put together a list of what you will need and want on your wedding day. We have put together a wedding flower checklist, a guide to the wedding bouquet styles and a seasonal guide to choosing the right wedding flowers.  more

Coffee Tables

Not having a coffee table is one of the worst furnishing mistakes you can make.  more

Bioethanol Fireplaces

Before you allow yourself to be captivated by the charm and style of bioethanol fireplaces, read this comprehensive list of pros and cons.  more

Olive Oil Basics

When it comes to quality olive oils, South Africa is right there at the top.  more

Types of Flooring for Your Home

Updating your home flooring, will not only give your home a more modern atmosphere, but also may improve the market value of your home.  more

Helpful House Cleaning Tips

Summon your spring attitude with these helpful house cleaning tips.  more

The Best Steam Cleaners to Buy

Steam cleaners are undoubtedly one of the best ways to clean your home, and the best steam cleaner is one that suits your needs.  more

3D Print Your Food with the ChefJet

Enter the 3D food printing business with the help of ChefJet. This nifty little gadget is the first commercial 3D food printer.  more

The Difference between Whisky and Brandy

Many people do not know that the difference between whisky and brandy does not lie in the names.  more

The Christmas Dinner Menu

Cook up a storm in your kitchen this Christmas with these delicious dishes that will have your guests talking for weeks!  more

How to Make Jam

Jam making is great fun, especially if you get kids involved. But how do you go about it? Is it a very complicated process? Read on to know more.  more

Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Small living spaces can be challenging to decorate. But with some creativity and clever manoeuvres, you can maximise the utility of your living space, be it a house, flat or simply a tiny room. Read on for tips to make small spaces appear big.  more

Cooking with Chocolate

Chocolate! Rich, decadent, sinful and the perfect mid-day snack. But there is so much more you can do with chocolate besides eating it. Read on to learn more about cooking with chocolate.  more

Household Chore Wars

When it comes to household chores, division of labour is not exactly a common phenomenon across the world. Women continue to do the bulk of the work around the house while the men folk think that greasy pots and pans clean themselves magically.  more

Red or White Wine

Here is a short guide to some of the better known South African red and white wines that can help you select your favourites.  more

Functional Uses for Old Things

Theres something so incredibly creative and satisfying about taking an existing item and repurposing it.  more

Bookshelves for Every Budget

Despite the rise in tablet computers, many of us still prefer to read actual books. You know, those antiquated things with pages and covers.  more

Christmas Table Decoration

Christmas is almost here and you may be thinking of ways to decorate your dinner table for Christmas.  more

Laminate Flooring

Are your floors looking a little tired? Or perhaps youve just built a new home and are wondering what type of floor finish to install?  more

Buying a Sofa

Home theatre systems, flat screen and 3D televisions, fireplaces, all designed to encourage us to stay home for our entertainment. But whats the use of all these state-of-the-art modern systems if you cant settle down in comfort.  more

Wine Rack Guide

Whether you have just a couple of wine bottles, or a large collection, your wine will gain immensely from correct storage in a custom made wine rack.  more

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