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Types of Diamond Cuts

A perfectly cut diamond is bright and sparkling because light strikes every surface at the correct angle.  more

How to Identify Real Gemstones from Fake Ones

Knock-off gemstones are everywhere these days. It is therefore important, as consumers, to learn the difference between real gems and fake ones.  more

How to Tell if a Diamond is Real

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but how do you tell if a diamond is real?  more

Buying Gemstones Online

Online shopping is convenient, quick, and fun. Buying gemstones online, while not exactly rocket science, requires some homework, since a mistake can bruise your pocket considerably.  more


Fossils are amongst the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena on earth.  more

Different Diamond Shapes for Jewellery

Diamonds come in many different shapes (a.k.a cuts); when shopping for diamond jewellery, it is a good idea to experiment with a variety of diamond cuts and choose the one that suits you best.  more

The Magical Powers of Gemstones

In all cultures, gemstones have fascinated people for centuries because of their mythical powers, healing properties and astrological influence.  more

Birthstones, Star Stones and Day Stones

It's not only babies and magpies that love shiny things. Since the beginning of time, people across cultures have been charmed and fascinated by the glow of gem stones, attributing mystic powers to them.  more

Diamonds Are Forever

Are you confused by all the diamond jargon out there? Well there is no need to be. The information below will come in handy if you are considering the purchase of you first diamond.  more

The Allure of Sapphires

Blue fire! Sapphires have historically captivated civilisations with their icy beauty. The word sapphire derives from the Latin saphirus and the Greek sapheiros, meaning blue.  more

The Scintillating Attraction of Gems

The play of sparkles emanating from a gem has a joyous effect on the beholder, which could be due to the beauty of the gem, or to the consciousness of the monetary value we ascribe to it.  more