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From Kruger Rands and Gold Bars to JSE

Over the past 10 years the value of gold has doubled and is expected to double its current value in another five years.  more

How to Buy Rare Coins

Your aim is to buy rare coins that are genuine, well preserved and worth the price tag.  more

Tribute to Mandela

On 6 December 2013, South Africa woke up to the sad news of the passing of a great icon, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.  more

How to Evaluate Rare Coins

People have been collecting coins from the time that the first coins were minted in early Greek and Roman times of around 600 BC, both for their face value and also for the added value caused by special characteristics or limited availability.  more


As the sun rises on 18th July 2013, the worlds gaze will once again turn towards Nelson Rolilahla Mandela, The first elected black President of South Africa and one of the greatest leaders of humanity.  more

The Natura Coin Series

South Africa, with its vast gold reserves is a leading producer of collectible gold coins, also known as numismatic coins.  more

The Single 9 Coin

South African coins enjoy special status among coin collectors the world over. Besides their value as collectibles, both antique South African coins and modern collector coins are increasingly perceived as profitable investments that fetch high returns.  more

Gold Bullion Bars. A Golden Investment!

Gold has been a fascination of mankind for centuries. It is the most ductile and malleable metal known, making it ideal for jewellery applications, the fact that it does not tarnish in contact with air or water adds to its allure.  more

2010 Krugerrand Series

South Africas gold, the Krugerrand coin is named after Paul Kruger, former President of the South Africa Republic and the Witwatersrand, the countries vast gold vein that was first discovered in 1884.  more

The Big Five Gold and Silver Medallions

South Africa is renowned for its wonderful variety of wildlife. Before the days of conservation, big game hunters flocked to the country in search of trophies to demonstrate their skills.  more

2008 Mandela Coin: The Frenzy is Unleashed

Is it legal to sell the Mandela 90th birthday R5 coins? Is it illegal? Or could it be just a little legal?  more

A Set of Coins Sold for R170, 000 on bidorbuy

The bidding may have started at R1, but by the end of the online auction the price paid for a set of eleven South African coins minted in 1892 reached another record high.  more

Mandela Coin Dilemma: To Spend or to Keep

If you happen to be among the lucky ones who manage to get hands on one of the five million new R5 Mandela coin, would you trade it for a loaf, pardon, half-a-loaf of bread?  more

The 2000 Coins Listing: Is It Just a Tease?

A set of four R5 coins minted in the year 2000 was listed on bidorbuy auction at the starting price tag of over half a million Rands. The jury is still out on whether the offer is a serious one, or merely a promotional ploy  more

Collectors Coin Big With Rare SA Mints

In July 2007 bidorbuy, South Africa's leading online marketplace, facilitated the sale of an 1892 ZAR Kruger pond sold for a staggering R210,000.  more

The Allure of Rare Coins

A set of rare South African coins sold for R325,000 on bidorbuy confirms that rare coins are an attractive investment venue, especially in times of economic downturn  more