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Collecting Movie Memorabilia

You can get a variety of objects associated with your favourite films or film stars on bidorbuy.  more

All Time Classic Films

Read on if you are interested in watching some great movie classics, all available on bidorbuy.  more

TV: Are There Too Many Good TV Shows?

2014 was a great year for new TV shows, but it is hard to choose which TV shows to watch. After all, time is a luxury not to be squandered on mindless drivel.  more

Super Hero Movies

Welcome to the Marvel universe and its amazing superheroes! Check out our top ten super hero movies.  more

South African Soapies

Soap operas are the flagships of TV channels worldwide, and South Africa is no exception.  more

Hollywoods Greatest Comedians

Heres a shortlist of some of Hollywoods best comedians, a bright, multi-faceted bunch who know just how to tickle your funny bone at the movies!  more

Box Office Movies

This bunch of diverse movie genres ought to ensure several happy weekends.  more

The Twilight Frenzy. Has the World Gone Vampire Mad?

More than 120 million books sold and still counting. Translated into 38 languages. On The New York Times list of bestsellers for 235 weeks (Childrens Series Books). A hugely successful movie franchise. What makes the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyers vampire romances, such a hot seller?  more

South African Stand Up Comedians at Their Best.

Its no surprise that a country as multi-cultural as South Africa has produced a variety of comedians with a range of styles as diverse as the country itself.  more

Movies. Grab Some Munchies and Watch Them All

Fantasy, science fiction or epic adventure! Choose one or watch them all and dont forget to stock up on popcorn for your do-nothing weekend.  more

South African Movies

The South African film industry is spreading its wings as more good films are being made locally.  more

It's Movie Night. Popcorn Anyone?

Just Go With It: Danny (Adam Sandler) loves women and the more the merrier. But when true love strikes in the form of shapely Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), Danny has to lie about the wedding ring in his pocket, the one he uses as a ruse to lure his targets into bed.  more

Never Say Never - Catch the Bieber Fever

Are you a Bielieber or a non-Belieber? If you haven't the faintest notion of what we a™re talking about, don't even mention it to anyone between the ages of ten and seventeen unless you want to invite plenty of eye-rolling scorn.  more

Movies Released On DVD in December

Eat, Pray & Love based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, Eat, Pray & Love has Julia Roberts essaying with marvellous grace, the role of a successful thirty something writer seeking to infuse a deeper meaning into her life.  more

Most Popular TV Shows for Holiday Viewing - Part 2

A plane crashes on an unknown island. The survivors must constantly battle The Others, the island’s hostile residents. This simple plot wove itself into a television  more

Most Popular TV Shows for Holiday Viewing - Part-1

Nothing is quite what it seems in the picture-perfect suburb of Wisteria Lane, Fairview. Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gabrielle are the housewives whose lives, secrets, love and, yes, crimes have attracted viewers worldwide, ever since the show hit TV screens in 2004.  more

September 2010 Movie Releases Part 2 - Movie Reviews

Agora, directed by Oscar-winning Chilean Alejandro Amenabar is grand and riveting drama. The setting is Alexandria, Egypt, during the last days of the Roman Empire.  more

Movie Reviews - September 2010 - Part I

Nanny McPhee and Wall Street returns to our screens, as well as a review of Cyrus, an intriguing mix of comedy and drama.  more

Movie Reviews - August 2010 - Part II

Knight and Day, Cats and Dogs, Shrek Forever After and Step Up - all are must-see movies.  more

Movie and Music Reviews - August 2010

A handy review of movies, some already available on DVD and others that are still to come on circuit; as well as some new music releases sure to get your feet tapping.  more

T'ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates

T'ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates are three forms of alternative excercises that include concentration on breathing and awareness of the body. All three have various benefits and could be an option for you as an alternative to conventional excercise.  more

Movie Review - Just Wright

Just Wright is a romantic sports comedy that tells the story of Scott McKnight, a professional basketball player and Leslie Wright, an unlucky-in-love physical therapist in New Jersey.  more

Top Movies on DVD and Blu-Ray

Shop and find the Top 10 Movie DVDs and Blu-rays online now. Take a look at blockbuster movies and entertaining television shows on bidorbuy.  more

Armored - A Review of the Movie

Armored is a throwback to the crime thrillers of the 1970s. It is well shot and acted but if anything lets it down, it is the all-too-predictable story line.  more

How to Train Your Dragon - A Review of the Movie

From the directors of Shrek and Mulan come this immensely likeable animation film, in 3D.  more

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