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Mannequins in Retail

A garment displayed on a mannequin looks more appealing than the same garment spread on the floor.  more

What Every bidorbuy Seller Needs: Packing Supplies and Business Supplies

bidorbuy takes much of the admin out of e-commerce, but one thing you need before you start selling is a selection of packing supplies and business supplies.  more

Types and Models of Online Advertising

Search engine marketing, banners and advertising on social media are some of the popular types of online advertising. Most are based on CPM or CPC models, while the CPA one is used more rarely.  more

What Every Handyman Should Have in His Toolbox

Every home handyman dreams of having the worlds best toolbox, with a tool for every occasion. But apart from those once-off tools, what are the basic essentials necessary to tackle the majority of home improvements?  more

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Franchise

In times of economic downturn, many people look at the option of starting their own business, with franchising becoming a popular alternative.  more

How to Set Up a Work from Home Office

In these tough economic times, many people consider setting up a business that can be driven from home. While it sounds like a great idea, there are several factors that need consideration before you start, particularly in the way you set up your home office.  more

What Is Blogging?

In a way, a blog is an extension of the personal diary that many people maintained in earlier days. But it is so much more than that. Sound and video clips, photographs, opinions, interesting designs - all these make a blog more interesting.  more

Ergonomics at Work

The introduction of computers has changed the ways that we work and with this change has come the need to take a look at the way we interact with computers and other electronic devices.  more

Web 2.0 and Your Businesses

Used correctly, social networking sites can be a valuable marketing tool. The potential benefits include name recognition and branding; increased credibility; stronger customer relationship; and better search engine ranking.  more

In Search of an Ideal Office Chair

bidorbuy sellers spend a lot of time in front of their computers. A good office chair is a must for them if they want to keep their back and neck pain-free.  more

bidorbuy is Good for Your Business

Unlike get rich quickly schemes, bidorbuy is more about reaching your financial goals slowly, with a fair amount of hard work.  more