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Understanding Wicca

Contrary to popular belief, people who practise Wicca are not old witches with warts and neither are they satanic worshippers, a widely common misconception made.  more

The Esoteric Properties of Crystals

People have admired the symmetrical beauty of crystals for centuries and often attributed to the magical and mystical powers.  more

Popular Types of Incense

Today, there are thousands of incenses available at a reasonable price. We review here some of the most popular, from amber to ylang-ylang.  more

The Evil Eye

The evil eye also comes in the form of the hamsa and is worn as evil eye jewellery.  more

Aspects of Dreaming

Did you know that an average person dreams for about two hours each night?  more

The Power of Candles

For centuries, the humble candle has found varied, enduring uses, from the practical to the esoteric. The arrival of the electric bulb in the nineteenth century spelt a decline in its use. Recent times have witnessed a resurgence of interest in this ancient source of light.  more

What is Reiki?

Can the mere touch of another’s hands cure an ailment? Astonishingly, that’s just what Reiki, an ancient Japanese method of healing, claims to do.  more

All You Need To Know About Psychic Readings

Pseudo-science, pure nonsense or reality? Moderns may dismiss psychic readings as wishful thinking for the weak-minded. However, psychic readings and phenomena associated with them are as old as mankind.  more

Feng Shui your Life

Feng Shui is based on an ancient Chinese philosophy of balancing energy and aesthetics both of which, when channelled properly, are believed to bring you a positive life force, known as chi.  more

Guide to Essential Oils

The Egyptians were the first known civilisation to have developed the use of essential oils for cosmetology, and physical and mental ailments.  more

A Short Introduction to Holistic and Esoteric

On bidorbuy, the term holistic usually refers to the holistic approach to healing in alternative medicine; the term esoteric usually denotes mystical knowledge or practice.  more