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Cameras still Sought and Bought on bidorbuy

The sales of digital SLR cameras are holding their own, and even the olden-time film cameras are enjoying a modest revival on the South African marketplace.  more

The Rudi Adam Private Bonsai Collection on bidorbuy Auctions

(24 April 2017) bidorbuy is hosting a series of auctions of bonsai trees from the private collection of Rudi Adam, an acknowledged and widely respected bonsai expert.  more

Unusual Items Sold on bidorbuy Reveal Some Quirky Trends

(14 March 2017) Yesteryear favourites are being replaced by current sensations, but at least one peculiar item is displaying surprising longevity.  more

Sammy Marks Golden Tickey on Auction

(14 February 2017) At the time this press release was published, the bidding for this rare South African coin stood at R399,000.  more

Second-Hand Holds Its Own on bidorbuy

(16 January 2017) Previously owned items are still popular on South Africa¿s online marketplace, and not just in antiques and collectibles.  more

The bidorbuy Black Friday Week Long Deals

(21 November 2016) The bidorbuy Black Friday sale takes place from Monday 21 November until Sunday 27 November and will be followed by week-long Cyber Monday sales event, with discounts running as high as 70 percent off..  more

Valuable Collectibles Score Big on bidorbuy

(9 November 2016) In the space of less than a month, a coin and a set of stamps both went for a price running into several hundreds of thousands of Rands.  more

Rare South African Stamps Fetch Half a Million

(2 November 2016) A buyer from the USA recently purchased a set of rare collectible Union of South Africa stamps for R564,500 on bidorbuy.  more

iPhone 7 Selling on bidorbuy

(21 September 2016) Sellers on South African online marketplace are continuing the tradition of being the first to offer the newest iPhone to the local early adopters.  more

The Pokemon Craze on bidorbuy

(1 August 2016) It has been called the hottest game to hit the market in a long time and it has taken the South African online marketplace by storm.  more

#SamsungHeroes for Charities on bidorbuy

The #SamsungHeroes online event is organised by Samsung South Africa to mark the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition; the with proceeds going to charities.  more

Sellers on bidorbuy Now Offer Pargo Click-and-Collect

(1 June 2016) South African online marketplace bidorbuy has added Pargo as a delivery option to offer a reliable and affordable shipping solution to thousands of buyers and sellers trading on the site.  more

Vinyl Scoring Big on bidorbuy

Buyers are five times more likely to put a vinyl into their shopping cart than a digital disc.  more

23 Vodacom Bulls Pink Jerseys on Auction

(22 March 2016) The Vodacom Blue Bulls are auctioning off 23 pink jerseys signed by the players, with all the proceeds going to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).  more

bidorbuy Partners with BitX to Introduce Bitcoin

(10 March 2016) announced the addition of bitcoin as a payment method through their partnership with BitX.  more

Sharing Tops the Gift Wish List

(10 February 2016) A mini survey reveals that a shared experience is considered as the perfect gift for 14 February.  more

Cruise Auctions on bidorbuy

(19 January 2016) Bidding starts from R1 and there will be four cruises on auction over a thirty day period.  more

First Time on bidorbuy: Top Products on R1 Flash Auctions

(30 November 2015) The auctions, launched for the 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, lasted only two hours.  more

Pre-Christmas Trends on bidorbuy

(16 November 2015) This festive season, many visitors to bidorbuy would like Santa to bring them a drone.  more

First iPhone 6s Sold on bidorbuy

(30 September 2015) Almost exactly one year after iPhone 6 debuted on the site, the first iPhone 6s was sold on South African marketplace  more

Rugby Fever on bidorbuy

(15 September 2015) As the opening of the 2015 Rugby World Cup draws closer, all things rugby are gaining favour with visitors to the South African marketplace.  more

bidorbuy is 16 Years Old

(11 August 2015) Today, when more and more people are shopping online, bidorbuy has positioned itself as one of the top online shopping destinations with several distinct advantages.  more

The Princess Project Auctions on bidorbuy

(1 July 2015) bidorbuy continues the tradition of helping charities and non-profit organisations raise funds on this online trading platform.  more

Selling Art Online on bidorbuy

(11 June 2015) More than two hundred works of art are sold every week on the South African marketplace bidorbuy. Most of them are oil or acrylic paintings by local artists.  more

First Two Apple Watches Sold on bidorbuy

(4 May 2015) The Apple magic is as strong as ever. The proof is in the sale of two Apple Watches on at prices that can only be described as premium.  more

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