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2011 Festive Shopping Trends on bidorbuy

(9 December 2011) Around 30,0000 products were sold on bidorbuy over the last week, with notable growth being seen in the Toys, Fashion, Home and Electronics categories.  more

The bidorbuy TV Advertising Debut

(9 November 2011) The bidorbuy television commercial was released nationally across major television channels on 5 November.  more

Bid to Play Chess with Garry Kasparov

(31 October 2011) This week, six South Africans will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win the privilege of playing with the 13th World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in a simultaneous game of chess.  more

ANC 100th Anniversary Gold Medallions on bidorbuy

(20 October 2011) Several high value gold medallions specially minted to commemorate 100 years of the ANC (1912-2012) are currently listed for sale on the South African marketplace  more

Shoppers Give Thumbs up to Buying Furniture Online

(21 September 2011) The latest shopping figures from online market place reveal that shoppers are increasingly turning to the internet to buy beds, lounge suites, coffee tables, and other furniture.  more

Local Entrepreneurship Recognised by bidorbuy

(22 August 2011) For a growing number of South Africans selling on is a primary source of income. This was confirmed when bidorbuy representatives recently toured the country to meet top sellers.  more

Limited Edition Coins by SA Mint on bidorbuy

(19 July 2011) The South African Mint has two limited edition coin sets on auction on South African marketplace  more

Meet-a-Celebrity Charity Auctions on bidorbuy

(15 July 2011) More than thirty South African celebrities are currently lined up on, ready to auction off their time to the highest bidders from 18 to 28 July. The online auctions start from R1 and all proceeds are for the benefit of ten participating charities.  more

Vampire Movie Raises Funds with Fang Auction on bidorbuy

(22 June 2011) More and more businesses and ventures recognise the benefits of using bidorbuy as a platform for promotion and income generation  more

Online Shopping a Winner for Fashionistas

(26 May 2011) There has been a strong upsurge in internet shopping in the fashion sector recently, with people increasingly shopping online to find good deals. South Africa's largest online marketplace,, reported a growth in its clothing, shoes and accessories section of 73% from e...  more

bidorbuy Acquires Group Buying Site UbuntuDeal

(11 April 2011) South African online marketplace and auction site has acquired Cape Town-based social buying site This is the latest addition to the bidorbuy group of sites, which include,,, and  more

Online Marketplace Promotes Entrepreneurship

(23 March 2011) Each month, about eight thousand people sell their products on South African online marketplace,  more

Twentieth Car on R1 Auction on bidorbuy

(14 February 2011) On Thursday 17 February South Africa's online marketplace and auction site marks a small milestone: the twentieth car will appear on a one day, R1 auction.  more

Holiday Season Online Shopping Trends

(14 January 2010) Christmas season was the best ever for the South African online marketplace in its eleven years of existence.  more

A Place to Sell Unwanted Christmas Gifts

( 5 January 2011) South Africans use bidorbuy as a platform for offloading their unwanted Christmas gifts. Every year in January the site sees a spike in sales listings, and this year is no exception.  more

South Africans Take Their Christmas Shopping Online

(6 December 2010) During the last week of November, over 26,000 products were sold on, confirming that South Africans are increasingly turning to the internet in search of the best deals.  more

Online Shopping Trends on bidorbuy

(16 November 2010) At the end of 2010, computers are overtaking traditional stalwarts like antiques and gemstones; South Africans are showing more inclination for buying fashion online; and toys are coming into their own  more

10/10/10 Excitement on bidorbuy

(5 October 2010) Thanks to the seller who goes under the user name of co_bra, something uncommon will happen on bidorbuy come 10/10/10, that is, the 10th of October 2010  more

bidorbuy Launches Online Marketplace in Kenya

(21 September 2010) The Kenyan bidorbuy,, opened with over 18,000 items for sale, making it the largest online marketplace in the country on its first day of operation  more

Coastal and Madagascar Cruises on bidorbuy R1 Auction

(15 September 2010) MSC Starlight Cruises has today placed several luxury cruises on a bidorbuy auction with a starting bid price of R1, without reserve.  more

The Mongoose Cricket Bat Debuts in South Africa on bidorbuy

(9 September 2010) The Mongoose cricket bat is coming to the South African market and the first five hundred bats will be sold at discounted introductory prices exclusively on  more

Rare South African Coin on Auction on bidorbuy with Starting Bid of R1.5-million

(8 September 2010) A rare and highly valuable Sammy Marks Tickey coin is currently being offered on the local online marketplace and auction site,  more

bidorbuy Acquires Stake in Online Payment Solution PayFast

(10 August 2010) Inc, a Delaware Company and the parent of, Africa's largest online marketplace, has acquired a 33% stake in South African online payment solution, PayFast.  more

bidorbuy Foils an Attempt to Sell Rough Diamonds

(11 August 2010) South African online marketplace foiled an attempted trade in rough diamonds to the value of R3.6 million in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  more

A Rare South African Coin Sells for 450,000 on bidorbuy

(26 July 2010) This weekend, a 1902 South African ZAR Veldpond coin was sold on the site for R450,000.  more

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