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Gaming PC Headset Buying Guide

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to shopping around for PC gaming headsets. Take these factors into consideration.  more

Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL Review

The new Nintendo 3DS, released in 2015, is the best Nintendo handheld console yet.  more

The KOR-FX Gaming Vest. An Experience Like No Other

The KOR-FX gaming vest delivers an immersive new gaming experience. Inventor Shahriar Afshar used his understanding of neuroscience to draw on the power of the brain to project a new reality outside of our immediate one.  more

Xbox One Review

The much-awaited Microsoft Xbox One is finally here and gamers across the world are raving about it. Find out why...  more

What Is the Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that truly lets the wearer enter another world.  more

PlayStation 4 Review

The successor to the PlayStation 3 is here and it is creating quite the buzz among video-game enthusiasts. Read on to find out if the Sony PlayStation 4 (AKA PS4) is going to be your next purchase.  more

2013 Game Console Releases

There are two standout game controller releases guaranteed to gain the most attention this year, the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. Lets see how they stack up against each other.  more

Ouya Gaming System

There has been a wide range of video gaming systems seeking to gain a market edge over the years since it became popular to immerse oneself in imaginary worlds and take on superhero qualities as an escape from the realities of modern living.  more

Buzz Worthy Games

If you are into gaming, there are a few buzz worthy offerings around to lead you into the realms of your favourite fantasy world.  more

The StarCraft Gaming Craze

It has sold more than 12 million copies since its release in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment, a Guinness Book record, and has hooked both amateur and pro gamers across the world.  more

Gaming Madness on bidorbuy. The Best of Xbox360 and PS3

Heres looking at the hottest games available for Microsoft Xbox360 and the Nintendo PS3, two of the most popular gaming consoles on the mark  more

Nintendo 3DS. Review

The Nintendo 3DS is finally here, giving the world its very first portable 3D gaming system.  more

Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - PC Gaming

Still fighting against the influx of consoles, the PC has much to offer.  more

Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Xbox 360

Microsoft has released the Xbox 360 4 GB and 250 GB models. Both versions have the option of the Kinect controller free experience.  more

Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Nintendo Wii

The Wii has intuitive motion controls that involve the whole family. Available in a range of limited editions, including the red or black limited editions.  more

Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Playstation 3

Two new versions of the PlayStation 3 Slimline console PS3 160 GB and 320 GB complement the older 120 GB and 250 GB. You can buy the consoles al-ready bundled with games.  more

What's Hot in the World of Gaming

Gaming enthusiasts are a lucky lot! Whether you are a fan of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii, there are an incredible number of computer games around with new releases always round the corner.  more

3D Update for PS3

There is no doubt that the Sony PlayStation 3, abbreviated to PS3, is one of the most popular gaming platforms around.  more

Spring Gaming Galore

The month of September 2010 saw the release of several video games that promise to become very popular in the gaming community. We will look at three recently released games that are quite different from each other, but have a great following of avid gamers.  more

Video Game Ratings Guide

Games you buy will have some sort of rating on the cover that will help you make an informed purchase decision. Check the ratings for your video games.  more

Red Dead Redemption Review

Rockstar Games brings a unique element to the open world genre with its latest title. Roaming around freely in a virtual world has never felt or looked so good. Red Dead Redemption is open world gaming at its best!  more

Top 10 Microsoft Xbox360 Games

Take a look at the Top 10 Xbox 360 games on bidorbuy. Check out some of the best selling games online now.  more

Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games

Take a look at the Top 10 Nintendo Wii games on bidorbuy. Check out some of the best selling games online now.  more

Avatar - Review of the Game

Just when the heat generated by Avatar the film had begun to simmer down, along comes the videogame. Comparisons are inevitable! If you've watched Avatar, will the game be utterly, boringly predictable?  more

The Saboteur - Game Review

The Saboteur is a World War II action/adventure video game available on the Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, and Microsoft Windows platforms.  more

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