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Browse artworks from artists from around the world. Peruse a wide range of drawings, prints, paintings, photographic works, sculptures and carvings and miscellaneous artworks in a range of different media. Shop for high value international art, or scour the listings for an investment artwork

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R45,000.00 or Make an Offer
Closes 6 Nov 18:00
R7,500.00 or Make an Offer
Pretoria / Tshwane
Closes 13 Nov 21:00

Featured Listings

R2,500.00 or Make an Offer
Kenton On Sea
Closes 16 Nov 15:00
R3,000.00 or Make an Offer
Closes 5 Nov 04:45
R7,495.00 or Make an Offer
Closes 24 Oct 14:30
R1,850.00 or Make an Offer
Kenton On Sea
Closes 17 Nov 16:30
R1,800.00 or Make an Offer
Kenton On Sea
Closes 16 Nov 14:45
R2,500.00 or Make an Offer
Kenton On Sea
Closes 16 Nov 17:15

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Closes 29 Oct 13:30
R500.00 or Make an Offer
Kenton On Sea
Closes 20 Nov 13:45
Cape Town
Closes 17 Nov 20:00
Closes 29 Oct 11:30
R90.00 or Make an Offer
Closes 14 Nov 22:45
Closes 5 Nov 20:30
Closes 27 Oct 14:00
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Whether you are looking for investment art or just some gorgeous global art to decorate your home with, find beautiful art from around the world online at bidorbuy.co.za. International art etchings in lithograph, silkscreen, linocut, aquatint and dry-point can be found. Sketching and drawing in pencil as well as ink are available. Buy international paintings on canvas in oil, acrylic and watercolours and international prints on canvas too. International photography and international sculptures and carvings in mediums like wood, pewter, stone, soapstone, copper, glass and bead are available too. Find well known artists such as: Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Miro and Warhol as well as a number of contemporary artists works online. Artworks are available framed or unframed. Peruse through the globes' fine artistic talents from the comfort of your home on bidorbuy.co.za.