PRO CHEF LIKE Jamie Oliver
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Jamie Oliver Cookware

Half the success of cooking is having the right pots and pans. That's why Jamie Oliver has teamed up with Tefal to ensure that every piece of cookware in his collection is made with superior quality.

Each pot or pan in the set has its own unique benefits, so choose whatever fits your cooking style best. Jamie promises consistently good results, when using his line of cookware, every single time.


Jamie Oliver Cookware by Tefal
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Jamie Oliver Cutlery
and Utensils

Jamie Oliver has designed an extensive range to fulfill all your culinary food requirements. From chopping, slicing and dicing to mixing, measuring and more, Jamie Oliver's range has everything you need.

Jamie Oliver is quoted as saying that he doesn't just want a range with his name on it, he wants products that he can be really proud of. So you can be certain when buying something from this range, that it is has his professional chef's stamp of approval.

Jamie Oliver Cutlery and Utensils
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Jamie Oliver Cook Books

Jamie has written over 15 cookbooks, with 100s of innovative and delicious recipes. This impressive collection comprises of a variety of recipes for the beginner to the most advanced chef.

With specially themed books, step-by-step recipes, and gorgeous food photography, everybody can learn something new.


Jamie Oliver Cook Books
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