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Joseph Joseph is the brainchild of twin
brothers Richard and Antony Joseph who
founded the business in 2003

Combining their respective experience in design and business, the Joseph brothers have designed a range of contemporary cookware and utensils.

They have become a world-famous brand reknowned for their innovative, funky and practical kitchen gadgets. The range includes everything from chopping boards, knives and preparation utensils, to storage containers, serveware and more.

Funky and Functional Utensils

Joseph Joseph has designed a range of Utensils called "Elevate". Each tool has a specially designed weighted handle with a built-in table rest, which ensures that when placed on the surface, the head never touches the counter, keeping your kitchen hygienic and clean. These utensils are perfectly suited to cook with non-stick cookware, and are built out of heat-resistant nylon.

Joseph Joseph Elevate
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Joseph Joseph Chopping Board

The right kind of chopping board

Joseph Joseph has created a variety of chopping boards with all your needs in mind. Pictures here is the "chop and collect" board. This useful item is made out of a heavy duty plastic chopping surface with a built in drawer that can be used to collect waste or unwanted items while you chop.

All you have to do is open the drawer and brush any rubbish off the board. This makes clean-up after cooking a breeze! The drawer can be taken off the board completely, and you can dispose of waste simply by turning it over the bin.

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Space Saving Innovation

Nest is the ultimate design in space-saving cookware. All 9 pieces stack neatly in one another, minimizing the storage space while maximizing the functionality. This 9-in-1 set is a fabulous addition to any kitchen, and makes for a perfect wedding gift for couples starting off.

Mesh Sieve
1x stainless-steel
mesh sieve
Small Mixing Bowl
1x small non-slip
mixing bowl
Measuring Cups
5x measuring
Large Mixing Bowl
1x large non-slip
mixing bowl
1x colander /
Joseph Joseph Nest
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