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Popular Styles
Solitaire Ring
The classic Solitaire ring gets its name from the French word meaning 'alone'. It carries only one diamond either in a 4 claw setting or a 6 claw setting. The diamond is set high allowing for maximum exposure to light to enhance it.
Halo Ring
This delicate Halo ring has a central gemstone surrounded by a 'halo' of smaller diamonds to emphasise it and make it appear larger.
This elegant Three Gemstone ring has three diamionds for maximum effect. This style usually has a plain band so it does not draw attention away from the diamonds. This ring is beautiful and elegant and will never lose its appeal.
Three Gemstone Ring
Pave Ring
This Pave ring is for the girl that likes to make a statement. A fairly large diamond is necessary so that the band does not outshine it. The band on this ring has four rows of smaller diamonds or crystals making it a statement piece.
Cahedral Ring
The diamond in this Cathedral ring is nested between two bands extending up from the sides of the ring. This setting provides protection for the diamond as well as adding a beautiful and whimsy aesthetic.
Channel Setting
This Channel Setting has small diamonds placed along the band leading up to the singular diamond at the top. The band with the diamonds emphasises the brilliance of the center diamond.
Swirl Setting
This Swirl setting is femine, romantic and whimsical. The band swirls around the diamond making the diamond look like its floating in the ring.
Coloured Gemstones
The Coloured Gemstone engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular and is a fresh take on the classic diamond ring! A coloured gemstone engagement ring is different, stylish as well as still being elegant.
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