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to infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond...

Connect your online store to bidorbuy and reach
over a million shoppers every month.

Keep up to date

Manage your products in one place.
All your images, pricing and descriptions will be up-to-date.

  • New Customers

    Reach new customers across
    South Africa and the rest
    of the world.
  • Online Reputation

    Get public ratings from your
    customers so you can show the
    world how awesome you are.
  • Pricing

    Sell your products at your prices.
    The bidorbuy platform supports
    both auctions and fixed-price sales.
  • Updated Daily

    Our tradefeeds are updated daily
    to make sure your latest offerings
    are up-to-date and ready to go.

No hidden fees

We only charge success fees on a successful sale.
There are no monthly fees for the bidorbuy Store Integrator.

bidorbuy Store Integrator
per month
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from R10
per month
Connect your store today

Connect your
store today.

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