Playstation is the best place to play

Playstation 4
the best place to play

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The playstation 4 takes gaming to a new level with unprecedented processing power.

The console features a two x86-64 quad-core module designed by graphics powerhouse AMD. These eight cores power a Radeon GPU with an output of 1.843 teraflops - making the Playstation 4 hands down the most powerful gaming console in history!

The whole system has been optimized for video game designers to ensure a sure and steady stream of next gen titles.

Unrivalled Power

Unrivalled Power

Single-chip custom processor
CPU: x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores
GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
500GB Hard disk drive
Blu-ray & DVD read only

A New Era of Gaming

A New Era of Gaming

The PS4 has been optimized with game
developers in mind so that games can be
released quickly.

Enjoy the next generation of gaming with hit
titles like Watch Dogs, EA Sports UFC
and Grand Theft Auto V.

Forthcoming Technologies

Forthcoming Technologies

A host of new technologies will expand your gaming experience!

Project Morpheus is a forthcoming virtual reality headset and is Sonys answer to the Oculus Rift!
Playstation Plus features extended for the PS4
Playstation TV pending release in the West

Expanded Connectivity

Expanded Connectivity

AAUX Communication
Ethernet Connectivity
USB 3.0
Bluetooth 2.1

Dual Shock 4

Revolutionize gameplay with the Dualshock 4
Playstation controller

6 axis motion sensing
2 Analog sticks
2 Analog triggers
12 Digital buttons - including a Share button for uploading videos and networking
Digital directional buttons
2 point capacitive touchpad with click mechanism
Vibration Mechanism
Motion detection

Fitbit Aria

PS Camera

The successor to the Playstation Eye, the Playstion Camera is Sony's answer to the Xbox One Kinect

Dual 1280x800 pixel cameras
Depth sensing functionality
85 degree field of view
Motion capture/tracking
Enhanced multiplayer experience
Audio, video and picture sharing

Playstation Camera

Smartphone Access

The playstation App can be downloaded for Android and Apple Smart phones and allows a user to:

Interact with the Playstation 4 as a second screen device
Purchase PS4 titles and remotely download them
Watch live streams
View in game features

Playstation Smartphone Access
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