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bidorbuy, Online Platform where Buyers and Sellers Meet

How bidorbuy works

Launched in August 1999, bidorbuy.co.za is a South African online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together to trade almost anything through online auctions and fixed price sales. bidorbuy.co.za is the largest site of its kind operating in South Africa.

Any user who wants to sell goods or services can list items for sale on the site. Sellers sets a start time, end time, pricing information and provide a detailed description and images for the items they are selling. Other users can then browse the site and bid on or buy items they are interested in. Should there be a sale, the bidorbuy system puts the buyer and seller in contact with each other. It is up to the two parties to conclude the deal, which normally involves arranging payment and shipment of the goods purchased.

bidorbuy makes its money by charging the seller a commission of between one and five percent on all successful sales (except for high ticket items such as cars and properties, where only a flat listing fee per item is charged).

The majority of goods sold on bidorbuy are new items, as opposed to second-hand goods. The ratio of fixed price listings relative to auction listings is on the increase.

It is interesting to note that, similar to the trends on international sites such as eBay.com, many sellers are now making a business out of trading on the bidorbuy website in South Africa.


Payment methods on bidorbuy

bidorbuy operates a payment system as an optional add on service to users in order to speed up the receipt of payments between buyers and sellers as well as to assist sellers in reconciling payments they receive from buyers. This payment service is called bobPay and includes payments made by credit card and EFT. Many smaller sellers are unable to qualify for credit card merchant accounts themselves and therefore opt to make use of the built in bidorbuy payment system.


Selling tools on bidorbuy

bidorbuy provides sellers with a variety of tools that make it easy for them to manage their sales through the site. bidorbuy provides large sellers with customised tools to make bulk listing of products easier and can integrate directly with popular online shopping cart solutions. This together with the innovative online payment solutions offered makes bidorbuy.co.za a clear leader in the South African online buying and selling marketplace.

Why buy on bidorbuy.co.za?

You can buy just about anything on bidorbuy: the latest high-tech devices, brand-new consumer products, second-hand items, and difficult to find collectibles, at prices that are as a rule lower than elsewhere, because bidorbuy sellers sell directly to the buyers and incur very low overheads on the site. When shopping on bidorbuy you’re able to browse a wide range of products from thousands of sellers, so you can choose not only what you want to buy, but also which seller you want to buy from.

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Why sell on bidorbuy.co.za ?

bidorbuy is a perfect solution for selling with the help of sophisticated ecommerce tools and with a minimum of investment. bidorbuy offers great exposure to vendors as it is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result of bidorbuy’s effective marketing campaigns, goods on the site are exposed to a high volume of traffic.

Learn how to sell on bidorbuy.

bidorbuy Users

These figures are based on the 2012 bidorbuy survey results. 11,763 people participated in the survey. 84% of them have bought or sold something on the site.


  • 60% of bidorbuy users are men, 40% are women
  • 41% live in Gauteng, 17% in Western Cape, 15% in Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • 70% have a diploma, degree or postgraduate degree
  • 72% are between 21 and 39 years old

Buyers’ Experience

  • 93% of the 8782 buyers who participated in the survey are very satisfied or satisfied with their experience on bidorbuy
  • 90% of buyers check sellers’ ratings before making a purchase
  • 70% of buyers have made repeat purchases on bidorbuy
  • The buyers state that the biggest benefits of shopping on bidorbuy are: the range of products on offer; the thrill of picking up a bargain on auction; the convenience of online shopping; and the ability to get good value for money.

Sellers’ Experience

  • 93% of 1018 sellers who participated in the survey rate the site as excellent or good
  • 63% of sellers say they make extra cash on bidorbuy
  • 60% have sold more than 50 products on bidorbuy.
  • The sellers state that the biggest benefits of selling on bidorbuy are: convenience; large audience; ability to make extra cash; low fees; the thrill of auctions; interaction with buyers; and ability to make a living.