Jatropha curcas - 10 Seed Pack - Physic Nut Biodiesel Deciduous Tree Medicinal - New

Jatropha curcas - 10 Seed Pack - Physic Nut Biodiesel Deciduous Tree Medicinal - New

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Jatropha is a genus of flowering plants in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. The name is derived from the Greek words iatros, meaning physician, and trophe, meaning nutrition, hence the common name physic nut. It contains approximately 170 species of succulent plants, shrubs and trees; some are deciduous, like Jatropha curcas. Most of these are native to the Americas, with 66 species found in the Old World. Mature plants produce separate male and female flowers.


Jatropha curcas commonly known as Barbados Nut, Purging Nut and Physic Nut is a deciduous tree that has been naturalized in South Africa. In 2007 Goldman Sachs cited Jatropha curcas as one of the best candidates for future biodiesel production. It is resistant to drought and pests, and produces seeds containing 27-40% oil, averaging 34.4%. The remaining press cake of jatropha seeds after oil extraction could also be considered for energy production. However, despite their abundance and use as oil and reclamation plants, none of the Jatropha species have been properly domesticated and, as a result, their productivity is variable, and the long-term impact of their large-scale use on soil quality and the environment is unknown. Igbinosa and colleagues demonstrated the medicinal potential of Jatropha curcas as a broad spectrum antimicrobial.

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