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Nintendo Wii Fit Plus + Wii Balance Board + Wii Fit 5-In-1

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus + Wii Balance Board + Wii Fit 5-In-1



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Nintendo Wii Fit Plus + Wii Balance Board + Wii Fit 5-In-1

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Exclusive Wii Fit bundle offer! This fantastic package includes the Wii Fit game and all-important balance board and dreamGEAR's excellent 5-In-1 Wii Fit accessory pack which includes a rechargeable battery pack to keep your Wii Balance Board powered up for longer so your workout is not interupted; a Jeli Sleeve that adds traction and protection to your board; a Travel Bag for when you want to take your fitness regime with you; textured socks for added grip; and finally a Fitness Matt that can also be used for your regular Yoga or Pilates exercise routines.

Prepare yourself for a whole new set of exercise challenges or jump into the Wii Fit experience for the first time with the revamped Wii Fit Plus. Designed to help you improve your posture, balance and physical condition, Wii Fit Plus invites you to have fun and get healthy in the process. Using the Wii Balance Board to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, Wii Fit Plus is your personal fitness regime in the comfort of your living room.

Features you'll love:

  • Wii Fit Plus is a combination of fitness and fun, designed for everyone young and old - work on your fitness at your own pace and without having to leave your home
  • With more than 60 exercises that focus on helping you improve balance and posture, change your Body Mass Index or simply relax, Wii Fit Plus is a versatile tool that can help you achieve your fitness goal
  • Mutiplayer fun - enjoy challenging up to 8 friends on nine different games, great for exercising and parties
  • Set your own long-term targets and daily goals; Wii Fit Plus records your activity and uses clear graphs and timers to display your progress
  • dreamGEAR's 5-in-1 Wii Fit pack gives you rechargeable battery pack, versatile fitness mat, travel bag, protective jeli sleeve and textured socks for added grip when exercising

With more than 60 exercises makes it easy for you and your family and friends to combine fitness and fun in the comfort of your living room.

Manufacturer's description

Wii Fit Plus combines fun and fitness into one product. It can change how you exercise, how you balance, and even how you move. Expanding upon the original Wii Fit software, Wii Fit Plus is packed with every feature from Wii Fit—plus new exercises and tools to personalize your exercise routine. If you already have a profile on the original Wii Fit, you can easily transfer it over to Wii Fit Plus.

Wii Balance Board:
The Wii Balance Board accessory was created from the ground up to work with Wii Fit. It's an innovative peripheral for Wii that's simple, fun, and it's a great way to get you off of the couch and into the action. The Wii Balance Board can read your real-life movements and bring them to life on screen, just like the Wii Remote controller. Realistically snowboard down a mountain or walk a tight rope - it's just one more way to get into the game.

Charting Progress:
Check your daily progress in Wii Fit Plus with easy-to-understand charts and graphs. The orange line you see in the center of the graph represents your BMI the first time you checked it. From then on, it's easy to tell how you've done since you started using Wii Fit Plus. You can also set goals, check your Wii Fit Age, and even enter exercise time you've done outside of Wii Fit Plus.

Set Your Goals:
When you first play Wii Fit Plus, you will be asked to set a goal for yourself concerning your BMI. You can set goals, including what timeframe, and where you'd like to end up. Goals appear on the calendar and your graphs, so it's easy to visually see your progress as you approach your goals. You'll also receive feedback from Wii Fit Plus, updating you and encouraging you towards meeting these goals.

Have fun with up to eight friends or family members, and take turns using one Wii Balance Board accessory to play nine different games in the new multiplayer mode.

Wii Fit Plus Channel:
With Wii Fit Plus, you can install a channel in the Wii Menu so that you can perform a Body Test and view your graph without having to insert the Wii Fit Plus Game Disc. For example, if you happen to have the Wii Sports Game Disc in the Wii console, you can still check your weight via the Wii Fit Plus Channel without switching discs.

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