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LT WAND: The Key To Natural Beauty! Blemishes - Acne - Hair Loss - Celluite - Wrinkles - Scars  LLLT Hot item!
bidorbuy ID: 62667933

LT WAND: The Key To Natural Beauty! Blemishes - Acne - Hair Loss - Celluite - Wrinkles - Scars LLLT


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Clinically proven to effectively treat over 300 conditions including: The LT Wand is based on the working principles of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in a process known as Bio-stimulation. LLLT employs a very low dosage of coherent laser light that has been proven to vitalize the cells by increasing the mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the cell.This turn enhances the regenerative capacity of the cells making them act younger and promoting collagen production. In addition, LLLT has been shown to have positive effects on blood microcirculation, the immune response, and the modulation of pain of inflammation.This technology has been FDA Approved. A single treatment at a clinic can cost as much as R2,000.00.  Now is your chance to own this device!Set Includes: One LT Laser Wand Hair Loss Acute, sub-acute and chronic pain relief Cellulite Acne Wrinkles Psoriasis Tissue repair and cell regeneration Skin ulcers Diabetic ulcers Burns Postoperative wound care And more... 

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Hi, I just won the bid 63707299. Is it alright if I make payment only on Monday 23 April? I bought the item for my dad and I need to discuss with him over the weekend whether he wants the rechargeable one or not and if he wants a bigger watt or if the 5W is fine. - Asked by coco101 (9)
20 Apr 14:10 
No problem. Regards, Fabian.
20 Apr 14:18 
The LT WAND: Wound healing - Diabetic Ulcers etc... is it the exact same product as LT WAND: The key to Natural Beauty - Acne etc.. ? and meaning that it works for both problems?
UPDATED: 18 Apr 10:03
Thanx.. Do you have to buy the optional rechargeable battery pack with charger or is the power supply (which is included) sufficiant? - Asked by coco101 (9)
18 Apr 07:45 
Indeed. Regards, Fabian
UPDATED: 18 Apr 10:21
The extras are all optional and not necessary.
18 Apr 09:53 
Which Watt laser is required for hairloss treatment and does it take beautyspots (moesie) away - Asked by Lulu2468 (3)
16 Apr 11:22 
Any power should effectively treat both conditions. However, a stronger power would speed up treatment time.
16 Apr 12:38 
Hi there
I won the bid this morning, but made a mistake with the checkout. I wanted to upgrade to the 10mw, however accidently checked out the 5mw. How do I change that? - Asked by ja23 (40 Rating score between 10 and 49)
06 Apr 15:10 
Just send us an email with your proof of payment stating that you have paid for the upgrade. Thanks
07 Apr 11:53 
Could you please specify what can be treated with this laser, over and above the treatments mentioned, in other words does this laser cover the 300 conditions mentioned in the ad? - Asked by audacious (2)
25 Mar 20:12 
Hi. Laser light increases circulation and encourages tissue regeneration. This means that it can be used for a wide range of ailments which require healing, over and above what is listed here. The uses of this wand are limitless where health is concerned. We only advise that it not be shone directly in ones eye. Regards, Fabian.
28 Mar 11:00