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 PilloCo Buckwheat Hull Pillows - as used by 5 star hotels and chiropractors.

 Nothing beats a good night’s sleep!     Get a PilloCo Buckwheat Hull Pillow and 'Dream about comfort'.

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Genuine customer ratings:

“Well, well, well, what a great night’s sleep I had last night with my new pillow! I woke up in the same position I went to sleep in and didn't get up once in the night, which is very unusual for me. The pillow is absolutely FANTASTIC!  The standard size is so much better than the small buckwheat pillow I have used for the past 10 years. Words cannot express how thrilled I am with it.” bidorbuy customer

“It is the first time in two years I did not wake up with a headache. Good product and even better service. Thanks guys.” bidorbuy customer

"I whole heartedly endorse PilloCo's Buckwheat hull pillows. For quite some time I have personally used one and during the past two years have introduced more than 300 units to clients who have, in turn, passed the news of the good supportive care the Pillow provides to family and friends.” Chiropractor.
“Received today in good order thank you. Can’t wait to go to bed tonight to use my new pillow. Very, very impressed!” bidorbuy customer
 “Everyone knows that you don’t have to have back injuries to benefit from using an orthopaedic mattress. The same applies to buckwheat pillows - firm and comfortable, they are good for everyone.” retail customer

“For many years I have used imported pillows that cost nearly R1,000 each. After 3 nights with my new Buckwheat pillow those ‘fancy’ pillows were history! For sheer comfort and support buckwheat is the best.” retail customer

“From personal experience and from reports from my patients, buckwheat-hull pillows provide the cervical spine with brilliant support while sleeping, without compromising comfort. In maintaining the correct alignment of the neck, morning stiffness and pain is reduced, the patient recovers quicker from an acute condition, and in chronic conditions the time span before the pain recurs is definitely longer. If your pillow is not providing you with enough support during your sleeping hours, this can actually be the source of your neck pain and/or headaches and this factor has to be addressed in order to obtain long-term results. I recommend buckwheat-hull pillows in my practice for this purpose.” Chiropractor.

Your pillow is the most 'up close and personal' partner of your life!!

Create a long-term relationship by choosing Buckwheat.



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Replacement if there is any defect in the materials or craftsmanship.

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10 Days: Replacement if there is any defect in the materials or craftsmanship.

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