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5 Babiana inclinata Seeds - Seeds for South African Indigenous Bulbs -Combined Worldwide Shipping

5 Babiana inclinata Seeds - Seeds for South African Indigenous Bulbs -Combined Worldwide Shipping

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Babiana inclinata Seeds

Common Name: Baboon Root

Babiana inclinata is found on damp clay flats and lower slopes in the western Cape from Porterville to Hopefield. It grows from 15 to 30 mm high with an inclined spike and lanceolate pleated leaves in a loose basal fan. Flowers are blue to violet with the suberect lower tepals often and dorsal tepals sometimes cream-colored. The lower tepals have black or reddish marking in the lower third. Anthers and pollen are purple, lilac, or white

The genus Babiana is endemic to southern Africa and comprises about 70 species, most of which are indigenous to South Africa where they can be found growing naturally in the south-western and western parts of the Western Cape, and in Namaqualand. The corms of several Babiana species are known to be edible and have been eaten by indigenous peoples in the northern parts of South Africa for ages. The genus name Babiana is derived from the Dutch word, baviaantje, which means little baboon, and refers to observations made by early colonists at the Cape of Good Hope, who witnessed that baboons commonly ate the corms of this genus. They are just about all winter-growing and generally bloom in late winter and spring. The extraordinary diversity in flower shape and colour, from long and tubular to broadly cup-shaped, and from pure white through countless shades of yellow to blue, pink, mauve, purple and crimson, have endeared babianas to gardeners around the world. Many of the species in this genus have a deliciously spicy sweet-smelling scent. They do well planted along with Aloes that share the same growth cycle. Some of the more popular Babiana species include, Babiana ambigua, Babiana angustifolia, Babiana arenicola, Babiana attenuata, Babiana auriculata, Babiana bainesii, Babiana blanda, Babiana brachystachys, Babiana carminea, Babiana cedarbergensis, Babiana cinnamomea, Babiana confusa, Babiana crispa, Babiana cuneata, Babiana curviscapa, Babiana disticha, Babiana dregei, Babiana ecklonii, Babiana engysiphon, Babiana fimbriata, Babiana flabellifolia, Babiana foliosa, Babiana fourcadei, Babiana fragrans, Babiana framesii, Babiana gariepensis, Babiana geniculata, Babiana grandiflora, Babiana hirsuta, Babiana horizontalis, Babiana hypogaea, Babiana inclinata, Babiana karooica, Babiana lanata, Babiana lapeirousioides, Babiana latifolia, Babiana leipoldtii, Babiana lewisiana, Babiana lineolata, Babiana lobata, Babiana longicollis, Babiana melanops, Babiana minuta, Babiana montana, Babiana mucronata, Babiana namaquensis, Babiana nana, Babiana noctiflora, Babiana odorata, Babiana papyracea, Babiana patersoniae, Babiana patula, Babiana pauciflora, Babiana petiolata, Babiana pilosa, Babiana planifolia, Babiana plicata, Babiana praemorsa, Babiana pubescens, Babiana purpurea, Babiana pygmaea, Babiana radiata, Babiana regia, Babiana rigidifolia, Babiana ringens, Babiana robusta, Babiana rubella, Babiana rubrocyanea, Babiana salteri, Babiana sambucina, Babiana scabrifolia, Babiana scariosa, Babiana secunda, Babiana sinuata, Babiana spathacea, Babiana spiralis, Babiana stricta, Babiana socotrana, Babiana stenomera, Babiana striata, Babiana stricta, Babiana symmetrantha, Babiana tanquana, Babiana thunbergii, Babiana torta, Babiana toximontana, Babiana tritonioides, Babiana tubaeformis, Babiana tubiflora, Babiana tubiflora, Babiana truncata, Babiana tubulosa, Babiana unguiculata, Babiana vanzylieae, Babiana virginea, Babiana villosula, Babiana virescens and Babiana villosa.

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