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Syclone Saver - Instant Water Heater
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Syclone Saver - Instant Water Heater



Syclonesaver - Ultra Efficient Instant Water Heaters


  • Heats water on demand. No re-heating costs.
  • Easy installation, Simple to use and Tamperproof.
  • Supply continuous hot water at a low cost.
  • Effective alternative to geyser installation where a single outlet supplementary supply is required.
  • Saving of heated water of approx. 8 – 10 liters per minute can be achieve.
  • Spares and backup readily available in South Africa


The  SycloneSaver is ideal for use in Hairdressing Salons, Sports Shower Facilities, Granny Flats, Servants Quarters, Kitchens, Schools, Bathroom sinks and showers, All work areas and Ablution Blocks.

Save up to 77%
of your secondary water heating costs!!!

comes with a...
 1 year warrantee
and is approved to the specifications of SANS/ IEC 60335--35;2006/7

A test report compiled by Mr. M Brown (PR Eng) in 1980 includes the comparison of an instant water heating system (6.4kw) and a 100l geyser (with a 2kw element) being used in a home with a family of five. On a daily basis, for the purposes of the comparison, it was assumed that each of the family members showered for 4 minutes when using the instant water heater or shared two small bath’s of roughly 2000mm deep when using the 100l geyser. The water coming into the instant water heater entered at roughly 15 degrees Celsius and was heated to approximately 40 degrees. The geyser was set to maintain its temperature at 70 degrees Celsius and the bath water was mixed to get to an average temperature of about 40 degrees. A third scenario was also tested where a 35l Storage system was maintained at 50 degrees Celsius running on a 2kw element with a reheating time of 1.29 hours. Both the 35l system and the syclonesaver were tested using a 4l/min showerhead.

On a daily basis, the instant water heater used approximately 2.1kwh. The geyser, because it was running for about 3.68hours to maintain its 70 degree Celsius temperature, used up a daily amount of about 9.18kwh. The 35l storage system used up 4.05kwh per day. At the current price of electricity in South Africa, over 365 days, and at R0.80 per kWh, the instant water heater would cost R613.20 to run versus the R2680.56 it would cost to run the 100l geyser  or the R1182.60 it would cost to run the 35l storage unit. This means using a Syclonesaver, as per the scenario above, could save you up to 77% of your water heating costs.


The Syclonesaver is currently available in 3 models:

SSAV09 (3.5kw Unit)

SSAV11 (6.4kw Unit)

SSAV12 (6.4kw Unit)

For use where warm water is required. Hair salons, hand basins, and light showers. No restriction between unit and point of use. (Open outlet system)

Ideal for use in granny flats, kitchens, and hair salons etc. (Open outlet system)

A 200 - 400kpa pressure regulator and relief valve must be fitted. Can be used as a multiple outlet heater.

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Warranty & Guarantee:

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1 year warrantee

Is this for the 3.5kW unit? - Asked by Jurie Vorster (613 Rating score between 500 and 999)
09 Aug 16:04 
Yes this would be the 3.5kw unit. Are you looking for the 3.5 or the 6.4KW units?
19 Jun 20:24 
Morning. I have one these items but need spares...can you supply? Regards
UPDATED: 02 Jul 12:33
Afternoon. I need the part where the water is heated with the elements in. Please indicate price. Regards
UPDATED: 02 Jul 14:04
Thanks. Price with casing and elements? Regards - Asked by Collecteur de Madiba (2581 Rating score between 1000 and 4999)
28 Jun 04:39 
apologies for delayed response. yes we can supply spares. what do you need?
UPDATED: 02 Jul 13:29
if you're looking for the elements, they are about R100.00 each.
02 Jul 11:43