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SLEEP PROGRAM your mind to be Sharp Intelligent, Humour and Wit! Amazing new technology!.
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SLEEP PROGRAM your mind to be Sharp Intelligent, Humour and Wit! Amazing new technology!.


Sharp, Intelligence, Humor and Wit – Sleep Programming Subliminal CD

This incredible audio recording will help you make the most of Becoming super Sharp, Intelligent, have excellent humor and wit and maximize your potential to Be this with ease, all while you fall asleep! Utilize the 6-8 hours that you Sleep in the evening to retrain your Brain to be Sharp, Intelligent, humorous and witty With no extra effort except falling asleep.

Using the latest in subliminal messaging technology, Sleep Programming – Sharp Intelligence, Humor and Wit will deliver thousands of powerful, positive, subliminal messages directly to your subconscious – giving you the power and confidence to with ease.
Use this audio if you feel that you never know what to say when people talk to you. This audio will help you remember things and will give you that extra help in answering with intelligence and wit at the same time. This audio will help you charm others with what you say. Your mind is like a computer and stores all info but we sometimes push it aside and never remember things, this audio will bring out all that intelligence and help you with remembering things and being able to answer people with total intelligence and wit. The info that is stored in your mind, never gets lost, we just push it aside. Imagine if you could read a book and remember all that info and when someone asks you a question, you remember what was in the book and answer them with total ease and wit.. That is amazing technology and we all hold it within ourselves.

The human Mind is an Amazing Tool and can keep you alive, successful, and stop bad habits if trained to do so. Imagine what your life would be if you only had a mind filled with positive thoughts. Your life would be extremely successful no matter what!

The Music on this track was created by Fridrik Karlsson from Germany who studied music from the age of 16 years old. He created this music specifically to sleep and relax the mind. Music has many healing effects and can change your life especially when created with specific tones.

This CD Incorporates the full 4-part Encoding Technology:
CD-length is 60 minutes, Loop this Track in the evening for the full 6-8 hours
Sleep Programming backing track Created by Fridrik Karlsson, Whisper Subliminals, Reverse messages, Fast Encoding subliminal and Stereo confusion. Each of these techniques are powerful and have been tested.

Sleep programming is a technique of feeding powerful suggestions to your mind while you sleep, reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level. Subliminals are subconscious commands that can be used to reprogram your brain, in exciting and positive ways. They're often embedded into relaxing CD recordings.

They are POWERFUL.

And the crazy thing is that you already know how powerful it is.
Sleep Programming does the EXACT SAME JOB as hypnosis – but for EVERY SINGLE HOUR that you're asleep!
Think about it.
When are you most RELAXED? When is your mind TOTALLY OPEN to suggestion? When are you entering those deep, deep, suggestible Delta brainwave states that the hypnotherapist only DREAMS of getting you into?
Only when you're in bed – ASLEEP!
Sleep Programming is like attending an extremely powerful eight hour hypnosis session every single night. It's powerful – and it's been THOROUGHLY PROVEN too!
There's a whole branch of science known as “hypnopedia”, which documents the influence of commands while you sleep. The US Government even use the technique to teach morse code to military recruits while they sleep... with GREAT SUCCESS!
It works.
Sleep Programming is perhaps the best kept secret in the self-development industry.
And you know something?
It's SO SIMPLE that YOU could put some of the techniques behind Sleep Programming to practice yourself, and begin reprogramming your OWN mind – TODAY.
In fact, I'd say it's the most powerful personal development tool. (And I don't say that about ANY OTHER product or service. ONLY Sleep Programming!)
Yes – these are the MOST ADVANCED Sleep Programming recordings ever produced. And they're EASY to USE too. Simply play the CD on repeat as you fall asleep. There's nothing extra you need to do. Just relax – and let the recording do ALL of the hard work for you!
Each recording will literally begin reprogramming your inner thoughts - changing your life from the inside, starting on the VERY FIRST NIGHT you use them. And after that, the RESULTS just get BETTER and BETTER.
You're converting your eight hours of sleep into a fully-fledged, completely relaxing, totally enjoyable HYPNOSIS SESSION.
And NOW is YOUR chance to take advantage! Extremely powerful.
Wow, now these are POWERFUL SKILLS – and YOU could be experiencing EACH of these CD recordings, and REPROGRAMMING your deepest thoughts – within the next few days.
And remember, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT you put this recordings on repeat, you're continuously IMPROVING each of the skills and habits – BOOSTING your abilities beyond anything you can currently imagine.
... All without ANY effort whatsoever!

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hi , ive just placed a bid for the weight loss program. Is it the same disc for all programs eg. improved memory, weight loss program, sharp intelligence? i am a fan of Frederick Karlsons music. Are these music different from the once you buy in the stores? - Asked by Discreet User
15 Jan 23:24 
Hi There, These are the same as those that you can buy in the store. I have 9 tracks that I use and split between the different subliminals. He does a.make beautiful music hey!! Regards,
15 Jan 23:43 

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