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Tricogen Hair High Potency Hair Loss Capsules
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Tricogen Hair High Potency Hair Loss Capsules





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In my early twenties I started suffering from male pattern baldness, as my father has been completely bald since his late twenties, I thought that would be my destiny too....

Started using prescription drugs for hair loss at 23, but with too many side effects, so I stopped! 

Being in the Hair care Industry until three years ago, I tried every single hair loss programme available, sure it slowed the balding process down, but never stopped it!

In March 2011 I started using Tricogen shampoo, treatment & capsules, twice a day and within 6 weeks I had "stubble" all over my scalp which within 2 months grew to about 2cm long! 

I started growing my hair again, as I used to shave it very short and used to wear caps all the time! The difference is UNBELIEVEABLE and everyone that knows me have complemented on the improvement! 

THANK YOU Jean Pierre for introducing me to a BRILLIANT product that actually works! I am hooked...... 

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions for me. 

Kind Regards

Francois Engelbrecht (Pretoria)   

Tricogen Hair Loss Capsules

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of testosterone having androgenic activity and it is an anabolic with suppressing capabilities which forms a wall around the hair follicle, preventing the follicle from producing hair. In other words, the bloodstream is the food and nutrition of the hair follicle so when DHT forms a wall around the follicle, the follicle is starved to death. Thus, that follicle will no longer produce hair. DHT is the result of a chemical imbalance that takes place in the human body. It is proven that when a chemical imbalance takes place, testosterone converts to DHT, which then causes hair loss.

The Tricogen system is scientifically tested and proven to reverse this process. Once this patented treatment is applied to the scalp, the natural, herbal ingredients then get to work by penetrating deep into the scalp and directly attacking the DHT wall that has formed around the hair follicle. Once the DHT wall breaks, it allows the bloodstream to feed the follicle to re-produce hair.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a part of the B family of vitamins and is water-soluble, which means your body cannot store it for later use, it has to be continually renewed. Vitamin B6 is essential for many body functions including nerve function, immune function, protein digestion and the production of red blood cells. Its deficiency can lead to various disorders including hair loss. Vitamin B6 also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. 


Biotin is another vitamin from the Vitamin B complex. It is necessary for fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Essential for healthy skin, hair and nails, biotin deficiency has been shown to cause hair loss. 

Zinc Oxide

Zinc is a mineral essential for promoting a healthy immune system and the proper functioning of enzymes. It is needed for cell division and is thus important for skin, nails and hair growth. Research suggests that zinc causes increases hair density and reverses hair loss. 

Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto is one of the key ingredients in Cloud Nine Regrowth. Saw Palmetto extract has been shown to reduce DHT and 5a-reductase. It promotes hair growth by blocking DHT from binding to hair follicles.


Nettle root Extract

Nettle root blocks the enzymes, 5a-reductase, which are responsible for producing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the aromatase enzyme, which manufactures estrogens. Nettle root also increases antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic and antiulcer activity.

Eleuthero Extract

Traditionally utilized in healthy hair supplements, Eleuthero also increases endurance and helps restore concentration. Eleuthero reduces levels of testosterone and other hormones associated with stress assuring you do not produce any extra testosterone due to anxiety. 


Uva-Ursi neutralizes urine acidity and increases urine flow, thus reducing bloating and water retention and promoting hair growth.



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Hi does this product guarantee hair growth? Are there any side effects? - Asked by Yaseen Ally (5)
22 Oct 23:43 
The product is 95% effective. There are no side effects as the products is made from natural ingredients.
24 Oct 19:24 
Hi Tel me how many. Capsules in one container? How long do you have to use this capsules and how many a day? How long is the treatment?# - Asked by mohomedirfaan (34 Rating score between 10 and 49)
06 Oct 17:06 
There are 60 700mg capsules in a bottle and you have to take 1 capsule twice a day. It depends on person to person how long it takes. We also sell the Shampoo and Follicle Revitalizer and if you use all 3 products the results are faster.
06 Oct 17:17 
HI THERE, how many capsules is include and how many months treatment is this for? thanks - Asked by GREENGOLD (512 Rating score between 500 and 999)
15 Sep 07:46 
Hi there are 60 capsules in a bottle you take one capsule in the morning and one at night. So one bottle is one months supply.
15 Sep 17:39