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Build 10 KW Permanent Magnet Generator PMG for windmill

Build 10 KW Permanent Magnet Generator PMG for windmill

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We are living in a controlled World where we are so used to paying for everything that we tend to forget that we can have a lot for free. In a World where cost is rising, it is about time we start changing all this.

If like millions of others you are interested in powering your house or other buildings using wind which is constant, powerful and most of all free energy then this CD is for you.


It contains a step by step plan to build your own 10 KW Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) or also called alternator. 10kw is a LOT of power, enough for 2 or 3 normal houses.

Finally kiss goobye your electricity supplier and power your house for FREE.

This CD also contains plans for a small wind generator to power your outbuilding, garage, etc... You will learn all the safety precautions, how to build the tower, the wind generator and connect all that is associated with it such as bank batteries, charge controller, etc... and the best part of it, is the cost to build this is absolutely minimal


what are they?

Wind generators are devices that produce electricity from the power of the wind. Wind generators come in many sizes and shapes, from small units found on caravans and boats to enormous machines that can power a whole village. Wind farms have many generators which produce a large amount of power.


Wind generators are the main viable alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power, as such wind power has the potential to replace currently existing generating technologies which cause a wide range of environmental problems. Wind power does not contribute in use to climate change or acid rain, and does not create a hazardous waste storage problem.

Wind generators have a good energy ratio: they generate many times the energy needed to make them. Also, it is easy to decommission wind power installations; most of the materials are easily recyclable using existing technologies.

Greater use of wind power means less dependency on remote fuel sources, with the problems of transport and military involvement that brings.

Wind power is suitable for small installations, unlike many other generation technologies which are only viable on a large scale.
Safety and reliability are good - a properly installed wind generator will operate without problems for 20 years or more, and there is no record of any member of the public ever being harmed by an operational wind turbine.

HOW IT WORKS: The wind turns the wind generator, the wind generator produce the electricity, 
You just need to store this electricity into batteries to use it whenever you wish.


Plugged onto a converter, your 12V electricity become 220 volts "just like at home"

 I am also selling this same info on eBay under the username L-I-D-S and if you check it you will also notice that I am a Powerseller, with 100's of satisfied customers.

I am selling all the plans on CD for you to build your own generator. CD is sent in padded enveloppe using registered mail. I can also send you this info directly to your email for R100 if you do not wish to wait for it to arrive via the post and don't care on having the info on CD.

You can contact me by email or on my mobile 0835.694.085 if you need more info

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