How to file an SNC?

You would need to file an SNC (Sale not completed) should the sale not be concluded through no fault of your own (when an item has been not paid for by a buyer or the buyer cannot be contacted).  The SNC allows you and the buyer to explain what transpired in the transaction and your sale can be voided if you are found not at fault.  The SNC may only be filed 7 days after the sale has completed or close of the item.  Please note, SNCs can only be filed up to a maximum of 60 days from completion of the sale or close of the item.
To file a SNC, log into My bidorbuy, select the Selling tab and at the bottom of the page you will find the option Sale Not Complete (SNC), please click on File SNC Alerts and complete the steps as required.  Depending on the outcome of the SNC process, you may not be charged Success fees, and your bidorbuy account may be credited with the amount of the Success fees.  Should there be no appeal or response from the buyer within 7 days, your SNC will be finalised and you will be credited your success fees back and a non-fulfillment warning issued against the buyer. 
If the SNC has not been completed by both parties before our debit order run then you would still be debited for the fee, however, once the SNC has been completed, your bidorbuy account will be credited with the success fees.  
For more information about SNCs please visit the Sale Not Completed page.
Hoping you find the above in order.