Rating dispute

The Rating System is designed to be an open forum for buyers and sellers to provide truthful feedback regarding transactions between each other. In order for the system to work properly it needs to remain just that - an open forum without interference from bidorbuy.

Whilst we do understand that some users would respond negatively, as a result of legitimately receiving a negative rating from a particular user, we believe that the bidorbuy community will realise this and is the reason why we give each party an opportunity to respond with a public comment. From past experience we believe that it is the way a user responds to a negative rating that is more important than the actual negative rating itself.

We therefore encourage you to place a comment in response to this negative rating in a firm, factual but polite and honest way, thereby allowing the rest of the bidorbuy community to make up their mind as to who they believe is the party at fault.

You need to log into your 'My bidorbuy' account under the buying or selling tab, click on All items Bought or won or All Sales, change the date range to that of the date you purchased the item from the seller or sold the item to the buyer. The date range needs to be within a three month period; here you would be able to respond to the seller or buyer. 

Please note, the rating system should not be used as a communication channel or for threatening other users.  Thank you.