Tom Tom White Pearl - Get Directional!

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TomTom White Pearl - Get Directional!

GPS product company TomTom’s White Pearl is a special edition portable navigation device targeted at women.

True to its name, it is elegantly turned out in a pearl design with a swirl pattern, subdued and stylish at the same time. According to TomTom, it will appeal to the driver who likes a touch of glamour in her car.
The TomTom scores heavily on looks, but how does it score on features and usability?


  • The White Pearl is based on TomTom ONE and inherits the usual reliable navigation software.
  • One of its best features is the Help Me! function. It identifies your location, directing you to the nearest emergency points – hospitals, police stations, etc. with their phone numbers.
  • Where Am I? A safety-oriented feature will be your ally when you are travelling long distance and your car breaks down mid way.
  • The TomTom EasyPort mount uses a unique mechanical locking system, allowing you to affix the GPS securely to your windshield. When not in use, simply detach it, and stow away directly on your GPS, to save you the hassle of keeping track of too many accessories.
  • Like in other recent TomTom releases, the Text To Speech functionality is impressive and reliable
  • TomTom’s trademark MapShare and IQ Routes are invaluable. While MapShare gives you the ability to edit map data from your device, IQ Routes puts the driving experience of other TomTom users into use, while calculating the shortest, safest route to your destination. It also offers advanced lane guidance.


  • With everything right in the White Pearl, it’s a shame that the touch screen is rather small, measuring only 3.5”. However, the bright display more or less compensates.

All said and done, the White Pearl is a great buy. Women will love the designer look, and also the matching drawstring bag in luxurious silk that makes quite a style statement. Women will also love the fact that it acts like a take-me-along ‘What’s Hot Guide’, covering haunts like coffees shops, restaurants, bars and fashion stores. 

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