Luggage to Get You Anywhere

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Luggage to Get You Anywhere

For those who travel a great deal, whether on business or holiday, owning the right travel gear isn’t so much an option as a necessity, and a little extra effort in choosing well will leave you with an excellent travel partner and an assurance of as hassle free a journey as possible.

So, you really might want to put planning your luggage right at the top of your list of things to do before you set off.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Luggage:

  • Appearance: While there isn’t much to beat black in the elegance department, more people are now opting for vibrant pinks, blues and greens. They don’t just look trendy, they’re also easily identifiable.
  • Carrying capacity and compartments: Luggage that is rectilinear in shape with well organised compartments offers maximum packing space. The more you can pack in, the fewer pieces you need to carry.
  • Material, quality and zippers: Soft luggage generally has better wear, and is lighter. Hard luggage protects its contents better. Either way, good quality is vital, not just for the shell, but also the zippers.
  • Wheels and handles: Wheels are a must; ideally recessed ones with ball bearings. Handles must be long enough to let you walk upright.
  • Warranty: A good warranty is essential if you intend long term usage, and is an indication that the manufacturer has confidence in the product.

Packing light will eliminate the need to check in luggage, save you time and inconvenience, and decrease the likelihood of theft or damage to your luggage. Moreover, it improves your mobility and helps save on transportation.

Some Tips to Pack Light:

  • Make a list of things essential for your trip.
  • Avoid packing what is often provided by hotels (hairdryer, soap, towels), or easily available at your destination.
  • Avoid packing for remote contingencies – you can always buy if required.
  • Pack hardy, non-creasing clothes that are easy to wash and dry, so less of them are needed.
  • Keep colour and style variations to a minimum so it’s easier to mix and match, and fewer accessories and shoes are needed.
  • Take along comfortable, all-purpose shoes instead of several pairs.
  • Eliminate inessential gadgets and electrical appliances.

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