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Rising energy costs and growing awareness of the effect of our actions on the environment has led more of us to pay attention to our carbon footprint. 

There is no conflict in the argument for conserving energy and water – while we save on our bills, we also contribute our little bit to saving the planet.

Little steps that make a big difference:

  • Optimal use of natural light and ventilation. 
  • Switching off unused appliances. 
  • Using ceiling fans instead of air-conditioning.
  • Insulation of roofs and walls to moderate extreme temperatures.
  • Using solar power. 
  • Servicing appliances and replacing or cleaning filters regularly. 
  • Using, green, energy-efficient appliances.
  • Recycling water.

Good garden irrigation systems save water by accurately delivering the right quantity to just the areas that require it. These systems may be modified to allow collected rainwater or recycled water from the kitchen to feed them.

Devices like the Owl Wireless Electricity Monitor help save electricity by providing real-time information on your energy usage, as well as its cost and carbon footprint, so you can instantly see the saving from switching off an appliance. These devices come with cumulative memory, making it possible to monitor usage history.

When you set out to buy a washing machine, an AAA rating is proof that you are making an excellent choice, as it indicates superior capacity to save water and electricity.

The LG steam washing machine employs a completely novel concept of using steam to clean clothes, which removes most allergens present in the clothes, leaves them wrinkle free, and saves electricity and water. All this, and its unique “refresh” cycle for “in-between” clothes that aren’t dirty enough to warrant a full wash cycle (for instance, those that have only been worn for a short while), are reasons enough to buy LG.

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