The Ultimate Weekend

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The Ultimate Weekend

So you’ve just about had it with the uninspiring routine of your weekend – why not surprise yourself by trying something excitingly new, that you wouldn’t usually think of taking the time to do?  It could leave you with delightful memories to cherish, maybe even ignite a new, lifelong passion!

Adventure, anyone?

  • Learn to fly:  Have you always dreamed of flying?  If so, Cape Town Flying Club and Pretoria Flying School provide training for private and commercial pilot licences in safe, friendly, fun but competitive environments.  Pilot training requires a qualifying medical test as the first step, followed by a student pilot’s licence, which is necessary for the first solo flight.  A minimum of 40 hours of flying experience is necessary before a Private Pilot’s Licence can be obtained, and the student must pass exams on the subjects covered during the course of training, i.e., Navigation, Radio, Engines and Airframes, Meterology and Air Law.  At the end of the course, the student is required to successfully complete a final test, which includes an oral exam and flight test covering flying and navigation skills, after which a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) will be awarded.  PPL holders may improve their resume by obtaining a Night Rating which enables them to fly at night in good weather conditions; an Instrument rating which allows flying under certain types of adverse weather conditions, or, if they wish to make a career out of flying, they may train for a Commercial Pilot’s Licence.
  • Learn to sail:  South Africa suffers no dearth of sailing venues, and the waters off the incredible coastline are replete with marine life.  Ocean Sailing Academy, Offshore Sailing Academy and Sail Due South are some of the schools that offer various sailing courses spanning all requirements from beginner courses to career training.
  • Have an adventure:  How does a tailor-made adventure weekend sound? Experience This, South Africa’s leading “experience” company offers exciting getaway packages and programmes covering anything from swimming with dolphins and hot air balloon rides to creative challenges and spa weekends, all tailored to your specifications and budget.

Not up to the adrenaline rush of adventure? Consider these sober options that are nevertheless guaranteed to make you smile and get that weekend to really count:

  • Learn a different skill:  Try something novel like a course in make-up artistry, and use your newly acquired skill on yourself, or friends as a treat for special occasions.  There are plenty of opportunities to make a career of it if you find you enjoy it enough, as makeup artists are required extensively in the fashion and entertainment industries, and also for weddings and other events that require people to look their best.
  • Clear the clutter: Alternatively, you could use the weekend to get your life in order by hiring a professional organiser.  Tracy Foulkes, the founder of professional organising in South Africa, runs Get Organised, which works with clients, whether in homes or offices, to help them do just that.

Chill out at home: Using the weekend to rest, unwind and recoup is an equally welcome option after a harried work week.  These fun options can rejuvenate your body and soul:

  • Pilates:  Take control of your health and fitness with Pilates training in the privacy and comfort of your home with Travelling Trainers.
  • Home massage, facial, manicure, pedicure:  Get pampered in the comfort of your home, and emerge refreshed, well groomed, and ready to take on the week.
  • Buy Movies:  Make time for the movie-marathon that you’ve been putting off for so long.  Order DVDs at
  • Luxury bath:  Soak yourself in a warm bubble bath, with bath salts to detoxify and soothe your body, or bath oils to moisturise your skin. Splurge on indulgent, luxurious bath products just to make your weekend soak a little extra special.
  • A picnic at home:  Order in freshly cooked, wholesome and healthy dinners or even a picnic basket or enjoy a really special dinner at home with your partner or friends, courtesy of Franz “the power chef”, whose team will cater to groups as little as two people.

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