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The Magic Mouse Has Arrived

Are you ready for some great news from Apple?

This latest offering from Apple is an innovation that has brought a whole new dimension to the humble mouse – it lets you interact with your computer in an exciting way. The world’s first multi-touch mouse is a standard feature with every new iMac, though it can be added to any Mac with Bluetooth technology. Go ahead and buy this mouse if you want a clean workspace, clear and free of entangled wires!

Some of the features and functionalities of Apple’s magic mouse include a sleek looking seamless construction. The multi-touch feature lets you click or double-click on about 75 percent of the surface, allows for a 360 degree scroll, and easy one finger and two finger swipe.

It is equipped with sensors that detect even slight movement thereby making usage a breeze. The touch based scrolling is very efficient and helps to navigate long web pages with remarkable ease. The multi-touch surface makes it easy to swipe through web pages effortlessly; it almost seems like flipping through sheets of paper. The magic mouse has superior laser technology that makes it 20 times better than optical tracking. It tracks very efficiently on a variety of surfaces, including jeans, wood, aluminum, chairs and granite. The mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries and boasts of a 4-month battery life.

Despite all its advantages, the magic mouse is not very ergonomically shaped. It tends to be uncomfortable to hold. While touch scrolling works well, swiping is not as comfortable. It may sometimes interpret a small movement as a swipe – it needs some getting used to and a few adjustments in usage habits. Apple’s top selling point though, is that it is a very unique looking, delicate yet sturdy mouse.

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