Get Your bidorbuy Digital Badge

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Are you:

  • bidorbuy addict
  • bidorbuy junkie
  • bidorbuy fan
  • bidorbuy lover
  • Auction addict
  • Auction junkie

Do you feel like shouting at the top of your voice:

  • I love bidorbuy!

Whichever of the above is you, let the whole world know. Grab one of the bidorbuy badges displayed here and take it with you - to your web site, your social network profile, or your email signature.

But that’s not all. You can also earn cash with your bidorbuy badge.

How to earn cash with your bidorbuy badge

To make your bidorbuy badge generate income for you:

  • Log into bidorbuy and go to the Affiliate tab of My bidorbuy.
  • Click on Banner advertisement link and scroll down to the Badges section.
  • Select the badge you like. You will see what it looks like in the preview box.
  • To grab the code of your favourite badge, click the link on the right hand side.
Then paste the code wherever you want to display the affiliate badge:
  • On your web site
  • In your blog
  • On a social site that allows you to do so
  • In your email messages, as part of your signature

Every time someone clicks on the bidorbuy affiliate badge and goes on to bid, buy or sell on bidorbuy – you earn affiliate credits. See more about how this works on the bidorbuy Affiliate programme page.


“I don’t want to make money; I just want my bidorbuy badge.”

You can do that too. Simply copy your favourite bidorbuy badge from this page and insert it into:

  • Your web site
  • Your blog
  • The social site that allows you to do so
  • Your email signature

What will your non-money making bidorbuy badge do for you?

  • You can let it just sit there, looking pretty.
  • You can link it to your profile page on bidorbuy.
  • You can link it to the bidorbuy home page.
  • You can link to the bidorbuy fan page on Facebook.

Some good practice guidelines for displaying the bidorbuy badges: 

  • Keep the area around the bidorbuy badges uncluttered. Clear space should measure at least half the height of the badge. The best colour for background is white.
  • Do not use the bidorbuy badges as design elements or incorporate them into any other image.
  • Always use the artwork as provided and do not change it in any way.
  • Make sure that the bidorbuy badges are smaller than your web page title, company name and logo and clearly subordinate to them.
  • Use the bidorbuy badges so that they do not suggest that bidorbuy endorses or is responsible for the content of your web site.
  • If you link the bidorbuy badge, please link only to: your profile page on bidorbuy; the bidorbuy home page; or to the bidorbuy fan page on Facebook.

Thank you for choosing to use and display bidorbuy digital badges!

If you did not find a bidorbuy badge in your favourite size or colour, let us know at, and we shall make it for you.