Handbags: Find the Right One for Your Body Type

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The Handbag Guide



Your choice in handbag can drastically affect the perception of your body shape. Here are a few useful tips for buying the perfect handbag for your body type on bidorbuy.co.za.

First let’s have a look at the different kinds of handbags:


Tote Hobo

A soft, floppy bag that opens at the top (not the side) and has short handles 

A shoulder bag with one shoulder strap that is usually semi-circular in shape






Field bag

A tall bag, often seen worn by people off to the gym

A shoulder bag  with a flap top with buckle or snap fasteners that closes over a zip







A small bag held under the armpit or in the hand, usually without  handlesA small, rectagular bag with a short, thin strap worn over the shoulder under the armpit










A large, handheld bag similar to the one the postman wears Often worn across the body, it is usually made of soft material 



Cigar Box




 A small, hard, box-shaped bagA soft, small bag, usually with draw-string or flap top



The Kelly 

Named after Grace Kelly, it is a large, structured handbag shaped like a triangle with it's top corner sliced off


There are two important rules when deciding on a bag to wear:

  1. Choose a bag that has the opposite shape to your body shape; So, if you’re tall choose a bag that is wide (like the Kelly). And if you are short chose a bag that’s long (like the messenger).

  2. Choose a bag whose size is congruent with the size of your body;  so if you are small choose a small bag; if you are big, choose a big bag. It’s that simple!


Other Handbag Tips:

The point where the bottom of the bag hits your body will accentuate that part of your body. You should find a bag that puts emphasis on the best part of your body. A bag that sits on the mid section of the torso is usually flattering to the waist. This kind of emphasis is good for most body shapes. 

Over-sized bags are usually more casual and are nicely balanced if you wear at least one lose piece of clothing (baggy pants or a loose top).

Smaller bags that have a shoulder strap can be worn as an everyday bag. Clutch bags can be quite versatile and can go wonderfully with day dresses and evening dresses depending on the type. Dressy clutches usually have beads or sequins.

Have fun shopping for handbags with more confidence on bidorbuy.co.za!

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