Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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When did you last see a film that had the entire family in splits? If it took you longer than a minute to answer, you’re probably the right candidate for Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

One can only imagine the sheer fun writer-director duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller must have had in adapting the popular children’s book to the screen. The hero of this madcap caper is Flint Lockwood (voice by Bill Hader), a youthful inventor whose creativity goes undiscovered and unappreciated, owing to the fact that he lives on a tiny sardine fishing island with a only a taciturn parent for company.

One day, Flint designs a machine that creates food from water vapour. Before he can unveil this brilliant solution to the world’s most pressing problem, Flint’s invention is accidentally transported into the atmosphere. Pretty soon, a gobsmacked population finds a range of goodies raining down from the skies.

The sleepy town is transformed into a tourist hotspot by the avaricious Mayor (Bruce Campbell). Its simple folk who once lived only on sardines are now an overindulged lot, eating themselves silly.  Flint’s gizmo develops a malfunction, as machines are wont to do. It’s up to Flint and his geeky lady love, Samantha Sparks (Anna Faris) to rescue the town from sure disaster.

While CGI (computer generated imagery) ups the visual appeal, the non-stop gags are sure to have you cracking up. If there’s one irritant, it’s the somewhat manic pace of the film.
Without being necessarily preachy,  several oft repeated but largely overlooked issues are commented upon, an important one being the impact of junk food (hopefully, the kids will listen). The movie also takes sardonic swipes at wasteful lifestyles and the shallow nature of today’s media.

This 3D movie, which released in 2009 is now out in 2D on DVD/Blu-ray format. Worth a buy, since it has repeat value for the kids.

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