Buying Car parts and Improving efficiency

Buying Car Parts and improving efficiency

A vehicle is something that a number of people would consider their most prized possession, and hence getting good replacement parts for it is extremely important.I am sure a number of people would agree that finding the right motor part is not a particularly easy task and can be somewhat tedious. With the development and growth of internet online shopping the whole task has facilitated for those looking for motor parts at home, at the office and virtually anywhere you have access to internet and a pc. Whilst sitting at my desk I can buy the whole ¿wardrobe¿ for my car, from CD players, Speakers, Wheels, to Superchargers and Engine components.

* A tip on buying Car Parts *

When you decide to purchase a car part, it is always a good thing to have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on hand. This number can provide the seller with a lot of crucial information about your car, including the year, make and model, which can aid in ensuring you get the right part for your car. Having your VIN available is especially important when purchasing drive train components such as engines and transmissions. These are parts that will help improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your car.

Now onto the issue of Efficiency

You will sacrifice size and sometimes luxury when choosing fuel economy first. Part of this is because bigger cars are heavier and will naturally get worse fuel mileage. Just compare the fuel consumption of a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 to a Toyota Yaris and you will see the difference. Here are a few parts to look at that will go a long way to improve your car's engine performance as well as fuel efficiency.

Air Intakes

Replacing a car's stock air intake system with an aftermarket system is a standard way to improve performance. These aftermarket systems are often called "cold air intakes." A metal pipe and air filter replace the stock rubber hose and air box, and they are positioned closer to the fender instead of near the engine. This system draws in cooler, denser air to mix with the fuel. Many aftermarket systems also provide greater fuel economy.


Turbochargers are standard equipment on diesel engines, but they can be installed on petrol engines as well. A turbocharger forces air into the intake system to mix with the fuel, leading to greater performance. The air is generated by an impeller (rotor), and the turbocharger uses the car's exhaust gases to spin the impeller. Installing a turbocharger will take some time and money. It may also require you to modify your car's intake and exhaust system.

Electric Pumps and Fans

Some parts on older cars can decrease performance and efficiency, mainly the fuel pump and the fan that draws air through the radiator. These parts use up energy from the engine, taking away energy that could be used to power the engine. Installing an electric pump and fan will send more power to the engine. As the new parts make use of electricity, you'll possibly need to replace the battery and alternator.

Exhaust Systems

Improving the exhaust system can help your engine's efficiency. The first step is replacing your car's exhaust manifolds with exhaust "headers." The next step is replacing the catalytic converter with true dual exhaust pipes. A car built with dual pipes still has a catalytic converter that "chokes" the exhaust before emitting it. Bear in mind that removing the catalytic converter will increase the noise of the car, and you don¿t want the SAPS pulling you over for disturbing the peace. 

To maintain your vehicle you need to ensure that every once in a while you check to see that the components are still in order. If you are under a good motor plan you may leave this to your dealer, but if you aren't then you need to do some monitoring yourself.

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