Fashionable Colours to Wear this Autumn

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Fashionable Colours for Autumn 2010

Fashionable colour trends for autumn 2010 work on a contrast between passive colours like black, white, grey and charcoal accented with strong emphasis colours like lime green, hot pink and electric blue. Rich colours like mustard yellow, coral red, purple and burgundy are also very popular.
Colour Pallette:
bidorbuy fashionable autumn colours
Not everyone has the skin tone to pull off these colours so use this guide to help you out. Here’s a list of the trendy colours for your autumn wardrobe; and a summary of the colours that you can wear with them and what complexion best suites them.
The base colours for the season are:
  • Black 
  • White
  • Charcoal 
  • Gray

The emphasis colours are:

  • Electric Blue wear with: white, black, and grey. 
  • Lime Green Blondes pull this colour off very well, especially if they have a warm skin tone.
  • Bright Yellow wear with: charcoal greys, deep browns, royal blue. Dark shades do well to accentuate yellow. 
  • Hot Pink wear with: neon green or neon yellow, black, white, silver and very light brown tones.

Other popular autumn shades for this season are:

  • Burgundy wear with: black, deep green, plum, chocolate brown navy blue, charcoal, and dark rosey pink. Do not wear burgundy with vivid yellows, any orange colour or fluorescent colours.
  • Purple wear with: If you have fair skin wear deep purples that have bluish undertones. If you have dark skin than wear pastel purples. 
  • Mustard Yellow People with dark skin tones and blondes look good in this colour.
  • Coral Red wear with: white, cream, khaki, grey, and—for a bold statement— black.

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