4 Ways to Care for Oil Paintings

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4 Ways to Care for Your Oil Paintings
After you've perused the oil painting section on bidorbuy and made your purchase, here are a few tips to help you care for them.

Avoid overexposure to light and long periods in darkness

Do not position lights too close to the painting. Keep lights 3.5 meters away from the painting. Do not store the painting in a dark room for an extended period of time.

Light can cause the painting to darken or fade and also produces heat damage. Storing the painting in a dark room will make the painting darken.
Monitor temperature and humidity
Temperature 18-21 °C
Humidity 40%-45%
Temperature 21-24 °C
Humidity 45%-55%

Humidity and temperature can cause the canvas and wood stretchers that carry the painting to expand and contract. This will cause the oil paint to crack and chip.

Transport the painting with care

Hold the painting on both sides; do not hold the painting at the top of the frame. Do not hold the painting at the wire.

Even a minor knock to the canvas can cause the painting to crack in the future.
Keep your oil painting clean

Lightly wipe the surface of the painting with a micro fibre cloth or an anti-static cloth that is used to clean photograph negatives. Use cotton swabs (dampened in distilled water)  to clean the dirt that does not come off with the cloth. Do not hang oil paintings near fireplaces or candles. Always leave serious cleaning to a professional oil painting cleaner.

Dirt collects pollutants, moulds and moisture to a painting, which damages it.

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