Buying Camcorders and Satellite Navigation Systems - The Top 10

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If you are looking to buy a new camcorder or sattelite navigation system, have a look at the the best offered on the market:


Canon Legria HF S10:
This Canon has an impressive range of features, not least of which is the 8.59-megapixels sensor. It uses 6.1-megapixels for movies and 8.02-megapixels for still shots. With an inbuilt 32GB of flash memory, you can shoot almost 3 hours worth at best quality using just the internal storage. You can add another 32GB SDHC through the slot in the top. The movable LCD screen has a joystick that gives access to a huge range of optional features, such as backlight compensation.


Sony HDR-XR520:
A good contender for the top spot with the Legria HF S10. Although the sensor is 6.6-megapixels resolution, this camcorder uses AVCHD format to store video on the enormous 240GB hard disk. Even at highest quality settings, the camcorder allows for over 30 hours of footage.

Sony HDR-TG5E:
Supposedly the world’s smallest and easiest to use camcorder , the HDR-TG5E has 16GB embedded flash memory with the ability to add extra through a memory stick. A pure titanium body makes it lightweight and scratch resistant, perfect for travelling.


Canon Legria HF20:
Slightly smaller than the HF S10, the HF20 is still impressive. It has a 3.89-megapixel sensor and has the same joystick controller on the fold-out LCD screen to access many functions. Canon sticks with its proprietary S Advanced Shoe for attachments, meaning only Canon accessories can be used.
Canon Legria HV40:
The HV40 allows for recording in native 24p, enabling the user to record at 24 frames per second to an HDV tape. The camcorder has a Canon 10x HD Video lens and a 2.06-megapixel CMOS sensor.


Panasonic HDC-TM300:
Serious competition for the Legria HF S10 and the Sony HDR-XR520, the Panasonic camcorder offers 32GB of inbuilt flash memory and an SDHC card slot to add extra if required. But just the inbuilt flash memory allows for over 4 hours recording at top quality.
Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD2000:
This Sanyo is tough competition for the previous Big Four of Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon. It was the first consumer full HD camcorder to offer 60 frames per second shooting. The model is in a pistol grip format with a front protruding lens and an 8.1-megapixel sensor, with a swivelling LCD screen on the pistol grip.


Toshiba Camileo S10:
Toshiba’s offering in the mini portable camcorder market is impressive, the brushed metal case is just 18 mm thick. While the camcorder only has 128MB of internal memory, extra storage can be added in the form of SD cards. A useful bonus: an HDMI port enabling connection to an HD TV.

Samsung VP-HMX20C:
This Samsung has an inbuilt 8GB internal memory with the ability to add more through an SDHC card. The 6.4-megapixel CMOS sensor enables high quality still photography and is more than enough for video. The internal memory allows for 71 minutes of recording at the super fine quality mode, or 4 hours at normal quality.


Flip Mino HD:
A tiny pocket camcorder, about the size of a mobile phone, the Flip Mino HD has 4GB of inbuilt memory. That’s your limit, as there’s no provision to add extra. Even so, the camcorder can take around an hour’s worth of footage, although there is only a single HD quality mode. The unit connects to a computer simply through a USB plug built in.

Sattelite Navigation:

TomTom Go 750:
The Tom Tom Go 750 series has a simple in-car mount, so once the mount is installed and connected, the device itself can  be slipped into the holder without the need to attach any other cables. It offers a number of features, depending on which country you find yourself. In the UK, for instance, you can check the cheapest petrol stations on your route, read a traffic summary and see the locations of all speed cameras on your route.



Garmin Forerunner 310XT:
A wrist mounted sat-nav that is so much more. It uses GPS to track your position accurately, but it is more a fitness trainer than a sat-nav device. If you want to record heart rates while swimming, cycling or running, this device is for you. Truly the king of training tools!


TomTom ONE:
A portable sat-nav device, this unit does the basics very well. It provides accurate and reliable navigation instructions and has an intuitive and easy to use interface. The main map screen is clear of distractions and the volume control is quickly accessible.



Garmin Edge 705:
The Garmin Edge 705 is a wire-free GPS cycle computer with a sharp moving map display. It has an easy to use interface that can be operated even with a lightly gloved hand. You can store rides in a history file or store your start location so you can always find your way home.
Garmin nuvi 1410:
With a large 5-inch touchscreen display, the nuvi 1410 allows for multi stops routing and will also calculate the most eco-friendly route while tracking petrol usage. It comes complete with preloaded South African street maps and offers text-to-speech through the inbuilt loudspeaker.


Road Angel Navigator 2000:
This unit combines street navigation with Road Angel safety alerts to enable you to avoid accident locations and speed cameras. It has Southern Africa street level mapping on the touch screen and comes complete with a USB PC connector.

TomTom Rider:
The Tom Tom Rider is designed specifically for motorcyclists and features a sensitive GPS system. There is no inbuilt loudspeaker system, rather the unit communicates via Bluetooth and comes complete with a Bluetooth headset for installation in a motorcycle helmet. A safety feature restricts access to the touchscreen menus while the motorcycle is moving.


Navigon 7100:
The Navigon has a number of advanced navigation facilities, including text-to-speech and a lane assistant for optimal routing. The full colour touchscreen is easy to read even in sunlight, but it is a bit cramped to enter address information with fingers – better to use the stylus provided..

Garmin zumo 660:
Another sat-nav system aimed at motorcyclists, the Garmin zumo 660 is a rugged waterproof GPS device that offers text-to-speech either through the inbuilt loudspeaker or a compatible Bluetooth headset or helmet. Riders can plan routes in advance through Google and  download the results to the device before setting off.


Tom Tom Start:
An entry-level stand-alone sat-nav device that is basic and functional. With just 2 options on the main screen – Plan Route and Browse Map – the unit is very simple to use. Basic information on the clear display includes current speed, road travelled, distance to the next instruction and final destination.

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